Dua Lipa announces new single, 'Houdini'

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Dua Lipa announces new single, ‘Houdini’

Dua Lipa has announced that her new single ‘Houdini’ is out on November 9. It is the first confirmation that Dua Lipa’s new professional stage is about to begin. However, three years have passed since the release of ‘Future Nostalgia’, the best album of 2020.

It seems like yesterday that we said goodbye to the ‘Future Nostalgia’ era… and it was: the tour, initially postponed due to the pandemic, actually took place throughout 2022.

Dua Lipa’s third album will be psychedelic. This is the sound revealed by the supposed trailer for ‘Houdini’ available online, similar to that of Tame Impala, which would be involved in the project, something that Dua herself has hinted at.

The symbology of ‘Houdini’ is directly inspired by that of the famous Hungarian magician, since in his shows he used keys and, in one of the promotional images of the new single, Dua appears holding a small key in his mouth. The image has reminded many of the cover of ‘The Dreaming’ (1982) by Kate Bush, which was a reference to the magician, since it is said that during Houdini’s tricks, his wife gave him the key, giving him a kiss on the mouth. Curiously, ‘The Dreaming’ also contains a song called ‘Houdini’, which doesn’t seem so coincidental anymore.

This year, Dua has triumphed with ‘Dance the Night’, her single for the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack, which has given her her fourth number 1 single in the United Kingdom. Soon, the British singer will make her big screen debut in ‘Argylle’, Matthew Vaughn’s new feature film, which premieres in February.

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