Cover and date for 'C, XOXO', new album by Camila Cabello

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Drake will have his own song on Camila Cabello's album

Camila Cabello has revealed new details about her upcoming album, 'C, XOXO', in an interview with Billboard. Now we know that the album is inspired by Miami, that the collaborators are not very successful and that Drake will be, not once, but twice on the tracklist.

In Cabello's words, 'C, XOXO' is a “love letter” to Miami. In her latest interview, Cabello has shared a number of important details about her new LP, which will be available on June 28. According to the Billboard journalist, the sonic context of the album mixes “hip hop, afrobeat, R&B, reggaeton and electronica”, evoking the true “sounds of Miami.”

The 'He Knows' singer has also revealed the collaborations we will be able to hear, and although they are all in the realm of hip hop, their styles couldn't be more different. As we already knew, Playboi Carti and Lil Nas X will be on the album. Additionally, on 'C, XOXO' we can also hear Drake, The-Dream, City Girls and BLP Kosher. The latter, a young rapper from Florida, went viral on social media for embracing his Jewish heritage both in his music and in his image. The team promises.

Drake, on the other hand, will not only be lending his vocals to 'Hot Uptown', the lead collaboration with Cabello, but will also have his own interlude “almost 2 minutes long.” This one is titled 'Uuugly' and features the Canadian singing “over soft synthesizers and Cabello's ghostly choruses.”

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