Doja Cat seems to advance the second part of 'Scarlet'

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Doja Cat seems to advance the second part of ‘Scarlet’

The new era of Doja Cat could last longer than imagined. The singer, who released ‘Scarlet’ in September of last year, has been largely absent since then. However, her fourth album could have its respective continuation.

Through Instagram stories, Doja Cat has shown a mysterious board on which she writes “S2” in capital letters. Just below, a series of words that could be song titles: ‘Head High’, ‘Rider’ or ‘Hungry’.

Recently, Doja Cat explained in an interview that she planned to title what eventually turned out to be ‘Scarlet’ ‘Hellmouth’. “I don’t care that it has a deep meaning, but that the word is cool,” said the artist. «I like words that are cool. I thought “hellmouth” was cool… it’s like the gates of hell. But after a while she started to seem so aggressive to me that I don’t know if I like her anymore.

“I change my mind constantly,” Doja Cat added in the interview. “And ‘Scarlet’ seemed right to me, because it’s kind of an ode to ‘Hot Pink.’ I chose the name of a color, but it’s not really a color; You think of Scarlett as someone’s first name, and not as a color. That was the spin I gave it. Furthermore, red is a tone of passion,” commented the artist. She was not the only one of the confessions that she made regarding her album, as she has also talked about how she planned to discard her hit ‘Paint the Town Red’.

It is still unknown what the singer’s plans are regarding the future of ‘Scarlet’. However, taking into account that her previous album ‘Planet Her’ had a deluxe edition, it would not be far-fetched for her new album to also end up having her own.

This would be the probable tracklist:
1. ‘Acknowledge Me’
2. ‘Head High’
3. ‘Gang’
4. ‘Masc’
5. ‘Rider’
6. ‘Urrrge’
7. ‘Hungry’

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