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Digital and wireless hearing aids

We recently highlighted the notable evolution that hearing aids have experienced, now rechargeable, without batteries and, very importantly, increasingly smaller. Almost invisible, in fact. In addition, its power and performance have improved. And this is due, above all, to the digitalization of these hearing solutions that, as added value, offer bluetooth and wireless technology to multiply its benefits and comfort. In the next post we give you more details about this new generation of hearing aids.

Hearing aids never stop evolving. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first electric hearing aids They already involved a notable revolution. Then came the microchipswhich reduced their size and increased their benefits, a commitment that has been reinforced exponentially with the revolution ofl digital hearing aid.

Digital hearing aids offer, in addition to their already very small size, an advantage that affects the quality of life of their users: their wireless connectivity Thanks to the bluetooth technology. The result is that this hearing solution connects to other devices, greatly improving the experience.

Bluetooth technology allows, for example, connect hearing aids with sound amplifiers, television players or of musicalso being able pair with smartphone or headphones. The comfort and possibilities skyrocket thanks to this versatility that, and this is key, is achieved without cables in the way.

Hearing aids to hear natural voice

Another big improvement in digital hearing aids has to do with the sound quality. And the current devices have a advanced ambient noise suppression system (traffic, third party conversations, murmurs…) The result is that voices sound more natural‘more real’, without distortions.

Another complement that has been promoted by digital hearing aids on the directional microphoneswhich connect to these via Bluetooth and help improve the quality of any conversation.

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