Diabetes doubles the chances of suffering from hearing loss

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Diabetes doubles the chances of suffering from hearing loss

Tomorrow is the celebration International Diabetes Daya disease that, in the case of diabetes mellitus type 2, It affects 5 million people in Spain alone. Furthermore, it is a pathology that has a significant impact on hearing. In fact, a study carried out by the National Center for Rehabilitative Audit Research concludes that people with diabetes have twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss.

What is the relationship between diabetes and hearing loss?

The aforementioned study shows that there is a correlation between the blood glucose levels and the hearing loss as a possible consequence. Diabetes can cause damage to the artery that carries blood to the ears. Due to its small size, damage usually occurs more quickly. As a consequence, obstruction in the ear, one of the most frequent problems in these cases, leads to different discomforts: imbalance, ringing and hearing loss, among others.

The research also indicates that people with prediabetes (those that present blood sugar levels above normal but not high enough to diagnose the disease) have a higher risk of having Hearing loss or hearing problems. Specifically, they have a 30% greater chance.

This correlation between diabetes and hearing loss takes on special relevance considering that, according to Spanish Diabetes Federationthere is more than 2 million people who have not been diagnosed. Therefore, hearing problems can be a symptom of suffering from this disease.

The doctor Rachel Blascospecialist in Internal Medicine and portal collaborator UMusic Takes Care of Youwarns about the fact that diabetes can cause different hearing impairments, such as hearing loss, vertigo either tinnitus. Furthermore, Blasco points out, “People whose hearing capacity is reduced suffer from problems socializing, feeling isolated and with a greater lack of confidence”.

Prevention is the best solution to hearing loss

In the presence of signs of hearing loss or hearing loss, the first step is go to a specialist to perform a review and offer us the most accurate diagnosis, as well as the corresponding treatment and hearing solution.

If hearing loss is an indication of diabetes, the patient must also adjust their diet to better control the condition. glycemia. In this sense, the dietitian-nutritionist Cristina Lafuenteexplains in a article in UMusic Takes Care of You What foods can those affected eat?

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