Diabetes and hearing loss

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Diabetes and hearing loss

The type diabetes mellitus 2 affects more than 5 million people in Spain alone. It is a disease that alters normal blood glucose levels, causing different symptoms. But not only that: diabetes has a direct impact on hearing, increasing the risk of hearing loss or of complications in cases of otitis.

A study prepared by the National Center for Rehabilitative Audit Research points out that people with diabetes have twice as likely to suffer hearing loss In fact, this research indicates that there is a correlation between the blood glucose levels and the hearing loss as a possible consequence. Diabetes can cause damage to the artery that carries blood to the ears. Due to its small size, damage usually occurs more quickly. As a consequence, obstruction in the ear, one of the most frequent problems in these cases, leads to different discomforts: imbalance, ringing and hearing loss, among others.

The research also indicates that people with prediabetes (those that present blood sugar levels above normal but not high enough to be diagnosed with the disease) have a higher risk of having hearing loss (hearing loss) or hearing problems. Specifically, they have a 30% greater chance.

Diabetes and otitis

Diabetes not only increases the risk of hearing loss, it can complicate ear infections. According to him Dr. Juan Royocommunity hearing health specialist Living the Sounddiabetics must take additional precautions in the specific case of otitis externa, which is a very painful but easily treated condition of the external ear, and with a benign course in the vast majority of cases.

Royo points out that “If you have intense ear pain, accompanied by suppuration, which can be accompanied by a headache, or hearing loss, etc., it is iIt is important that you go to the specialist without delay, especially if your diabetes is not well controlled. The possibility of complicated otitis externa, of a special type called ‘malignant otitis externa’, is feasible and requires early and correct treatment to achieve control.”.

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