Diabetes and hearing loss, a very close relationship

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Diabetes and hearing loss, a very close relationship

The diabetes It is a disease that greatly affects the metabolism and some senses, including the sense of hearing. Scientific evidence indicates that Sufferers are twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss. Furthermore, it has now been shown that the Excess noise can worsen the health of people with high sugar levels. In the following post we explain the close relationship between diabetes and hearing loss.

As we pointed out at the beginning, a study prepared by the National Center for Rehabilitative Audit Research concludes that people with diabetes have twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss. The main reason for this link is, as explained by the Dr. Juan Royospecialist of the online community Living the Sound, “the involvement of blood vessels and peripheral nerves that this disease produces. The consequence is usually a perceptual or sensorineural hearing loss, that is, due to involvement of the inner ear or the auditory pathway“. The treatment, Royo points out, is based, in addition to the control of diabetes, on the use of hearing aids, basically the headset.

The impact of diabetes on hearing loss can also be noticed through annoying otitiswhich in these cases require greater vigilance “since the disease itself can generate complications, sometimes serious.”

This correlation between diabetes and hearing loss takes on special relevance considering that, according to Spanish Diabetes Federationthere is more than 2 million people who have not been diagnosed. Therefore, hearing problems can be a symptom of suffering from this disease.

Noise and diabetes

The close link between diabetes and hearing is bidirectional. A recent study with mice published in the journal ‘PLOS‘has confirmed that Exposure to 95 decibels (dB) daily negatively influences glucose production and creates insulin resistance. That is, it is associated with a greater risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)the most common form of this metabolic disorder.

This research corroborates what a previous one, carried out in 2013 in Denmark and published in ‘Environmental Health’which also offered revealing data: For every 10 decibels more noise caused by traffic, the risk of diabetes increased by 11%and by 14% if the individual was subjected to noise for five years

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