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Denon DJ SC6000 and X1850: Top Class

Denon DJ SC6000

Denon DJ has announced the SC6000, SC6000M and the XM1850, its new high-end players and mixer.

Pioneer has it increasingly difficult, since Denon DJ has in its catalog products with features that make the Nexus be on guard, seeing the throne that for so many years has been under their buttocks in danger. These products, announced yesterday, are the evolution of the SC5000 and X1800 currently on the market.

SC6000 player

Denon DJ SC6000 top view

The new SC6000 has all the features of the SC5000, with some certainly interesting additions. The one that attracts the most attention, in addition to the new all black designis the new screen that goes from 7″ to about huge 10.1″. Also the jogwheel grows, from 8″ to 8.5″. The rubber buttons and pads have new lightinghe IEC current leads lockand now you can add a hard drive using a internal SATA port, like in Prime 4 (great!). The software acquires the function of being able to listen to the tracks directly in the file browser.

The previous features of the SC5000 are still present: Playback of music from streaming services via the integrated WiFi or the RJ45 port (Tidal, Beatport, Soundcloud), double layer playback with two outputs for mixing from a single player, algorithm timestretching class-leading, and compatibility with uncompressed audio files (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)

SC6000 functions diagram

SC6000M Player

Denon DJ SC6000M

The SC6000M adds an 8.5″ motorized jogwheel to the SC6000, whose twist can now be disabled. Add a new design on the “vinyl” regarding the SC5000M, as well as a new all-black aestheticlike the SC6000.

X1850 Mixer

The new X1850 is the evolution of the X1800, the mixer top notch by Denon DJ. It adds small new features, which make it more attractive to professional disc jockeys compared to the competition.

The most striking, as in the SC6000 and SC6000M, is the new finish. The new black color makes the look much more coherent and modern. The second is, as in the new SC players, the new IEC connector with lock, to avoid accidents. And the latest news is the quantization of effectsin case you want these to be synchronized to the grid of your tracks.

Denon DJ XM1850 schematic
XM1850 rear diagram

The cabin of our dreams

As you can see, Denon DJ continues his assault to the realm of Pioneer DJ, and it is becoming less and less difficult for him to access booths that have always belonged to the latter. We are delightedOf course, since we are acquiring functions for the same price that were unthinkable until relatively recently.


SC6000 ports
SC6000 Buttons
SC6000 rear connectors
SC6000 display
XM1850 Micro Channel
XM1850 Filters
XM1850 USB ports
XM1850 display
XM1850 input selector
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