Delaporte presentan "Aquí y ahora", su nuevo disco

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Delaporte continues to increase bpm's with “Los Lobos”

Delaporte They continue to raise bpm's with “Los Lobos”. The Spanish-Italian duo formed by Sandra Delaporte and Sergio Salvi continues its path from indie pop to its more electronic and club side.

“Here and now”, Delaporte's album, is the clearest example that Sandra and Sergio embrace techno and the dance floor with all the desire in the world. Although to that we could also add Sandra's solo project under the name ALEXXANDRA. In any case, now we are with “Los Lobos”, which is one more demonstration that feelings, passion and dance can go perfectly hand in hand and fit together perfectly.

The music video for “Los Lobos” is directed by Silvia Huelves and produced by Mime,. The visual bears the watermark of a group that has managed to perfectly combine the natural and the industrial in a single drink.

As for their upcoming concerts, you can find the list under the video clip for “Los Lobos.”

June 9 – Tenerife Music Festival.
June 21 – Antorchas Festival, Albacete.
June 29 – Music in Grande, Torrelavega.
July 5 – Oasis Sound, Ciudad Real.
July 6 – Río Babel, Madrid.
July 12 – Cruïlla Festival, Barcelona.
July 20 – FIB International Festival of Benicassim.
July 26 – Low Festival, Benidorm.
August 2-3-4 – Amante Festival, Borja (Zaragoza).
August 7-11 – Sonorama Ribera Festival, Aranda de Duero (Burgos).
August 30-31 – Sonora Natural Festival, Navalmoral de la Mata (Cáceres).
September 6 – Ebrovisión Festival, Miranda de Ebro (Burgos).
September 13-14 – Granada Sound Festival

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