Dannii Minogue and Eurovision throw the cane on social networks

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Dannii Minogue and Eurovision throw the cane on social networks

You can see that the Eurovision season is beginning to gain strength. The release of the songs from the next edition of the Benidorm Fest or the announcement of Olly Alexander as the United Kingdom’s representative in Eurovision 2024 are some of the news that has been the focus of these last two weeks. However, there is still more: the latest is that Dannii Minogue and Eurovision have had fun on social networks, specifically on X (formerly Twitter).

The interaction between the artist and the Festival has been caused by the first images of the Eurovision 2024 stage. Citing the tweet in which the contest account presented the stage, Dannii Minogue wrote the following: “The stage is ready… and the countdown has begun!” In response to the publication, Eurovision commented with a mocking face emoticon: “I… I’m starting to wonder.”

Since then, rumors that Dannii Minogue could represent Australia have exploded. Taking into account that more and more famous artists like Olly Alexander are encouraged to participate in the European competition, it does not seem so far-fetched to think about the possibility of Dannii Minogue taking the stage in Malmö.

This is not the first time that the Minogues have interacted with Eurovision or let themselves be loved by the Festival. Without going any further, in the last edition there were many winks from the contestants to Kylie Minogue, performing her hit ‘Padam Padam’ on TikTok or praising the song on social networks. The love for the song was also seen in the Eurofans themselves, who selected ‘Padam Padam’ to represent Australia in the OGAE Song Contest 2023 that they organize (it finished in second position). Will Dannii Minogue’s participation end up becoming a reality, or will it remain mere rumors?

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