Daddy Yankee leaves music to dedicate himself to Jesus Christ

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Daddy Yankee leaves music to dedicate himself to Jesus Christ

Daddy Yankee no longer wants to calmly watch her shake him. Because he wants to, he doesn’t want more gas nor does he want to do more things slowly. Now, if someone has let him fall, the one who has picked him up is Jesus Christ, because the singer has declared that he abandons music to dedicate himself to faith.

“A story is over and a new story is going to begin, a new beginning,” announced Daddy Yankee in the last concert of his tour, in Puerto Rico, this morning. It was the final of his tour and, coincidentally, it took place in his native country, so it served as a farewell to his artistic career.

Although it was no surprise that the reggaeton player was leaving music, what has been completely unexpected is the reason behind that decision. “Sometimes I appeared to be very happy, but something was missing to make me complete,” he confessed on stage. Next, he referred for the first time to Jesus Christ: “Someone was able to fill that void that I felt for a long time.”

Daddy Yankee has reflected on his approach to faith, which has motivated him to make this decision: «I was able to travel the world for years, win many awards, applause and praise, but I realized something that the Bible says: ‘ What good is it for a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?’” the artist quoted. “Tonight, I recognize and am not ashamed to tell the entire world that Jesus lives in me and that I will live for Him,” he continued.

The singer has declared that it was the most important day of his life. This is how he has begun a new chapter, hoping to be able to “evangelize” the world in this new stage. “Thank you Puerto Rico, I love you,” he finished his speech.

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