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Cubase Pro at the price of Cubase Artist

Cubase Artist 10.5 Logo

Steinberg has launched a devastating offer for Cubase Artist. If you buy it before July 28, you will see that it becomes your Cubase Pro account. Magic!

You don’t have to do anything, just register your Artist before that date and you will have access to the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) reference in the market. Quick and painless, as it should be.

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What do you get?

We already told you about Cubase and our love for Steinberg at the release of version 10.5. Now, with this update, you have it closer, having several advantages, which we will list for you:

Cubase Pro Cubase Artist
MIDI tracks Unlimited 128
Audio Tracks Unlimited 64
VST Instrument Tracks Unlimited 32
VSTi Presets > 3000 > 2600
FX VST included 76 57
Physical I/O 256 32
Group Channels 256 32
Rack instruments 64 32
VariAudio 3 Yeah No
Control Room Yeah No
Logical Project Editor Yeah No
Import Project Tracks Yeah No
Project Navigator Yeah No
Track Files Yeah No
ARA 2 support Yeah No
AAF Support Yeah No
OMF Support Yeah No
Profiles Yeah No
Chord Wizard – Proximity Mode Yeah No
Expression Maps Yeah No
Import and Export MusicXML Yeah No
Time Warp Yeah No
Control Room Yeah No
Tempo Detection Panel Yeah No
Logical Editor Yeah No
VariAudio 3 Yeah No
Audio Alignment Yeah No
Direct Offline Processing Yeah No
Group Editor Yeah No
Automation Virgin Territories Yeah No
MixControl Captures Yeah No
Control Room incl. Cue Sends Yeah No
Direct Routing Yeah No
Loudness Meter Yeah No
Group Link Yeah No
Listen Mode Yeah No
Multi-channel true peak master meter Yeah No
Stereo Combined Panner Yeah No
VCA Faders Yeah No
Wave Meters Yeah No

Plugins included

Frequency EQ Yeah No
GEQ 30 Yeah No
Voxengo CurveEQ Yeah No
Expander Yeah No
Multiband Compressor Yeah No
Multiband Envelope Shaper Yeah No
Multiband Expander Yeah No
REVerence Yeah No
Mod Machine Yeah No
Soft Clipper Yeah No
Cloner Yeah No
Studio Chorus Yeah No
Mix6to2 Yeah No
MixConvert Yeah No
Mixer Delay Yeah No
Multiscope Yeah No
SMPTE Generator Yeah No
Surround Panner Yeah No
Test Generator Yeah No


VST Connect SE 4 Yeah No
VR production suite Yeah No
Video Follows Edit Mode Yeah No

As you will see, the differences are notable… for these things, the price of Cubase Pro is almost double that of Cubase Artist. Take advantage of the opportunity, since you will have tools that will save you valuable time in your productions.

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