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Cubase 10.5: Closer to perfection

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Steinberg has just released the new update to 10.5 of Cubase, its multitrack software. We tell you what new features it includes.

Last week, version 10.5 was released, with various improvements in all its versions. We remind you that there are three: Elements (the update will be released on Friday, November 22), Artist, and Pro. Cubase for everyone.

The new features vary depending on the version, logically, but even if you have Elements, it is very worth the update, as it presents new features that will make your life easier in your studio or home studio.

Cubase Elements

  • Export video: If you are dedicated to soundtracks or music for video games, you can now render the video with the audio with H264 compression.
  • Retrospective MIDI recording: This one seems brutal to me. Turns out you’re looking for a winning bass riff for your hit, and it looks like you finally found it! You’re fiddling with it and something (phone, wife, kids) distracts you. And when you put it back on, you no longer remember it! Well, that’s over: now, while you investigate, Cubase is recording and you can always access what you just played. Magnificent!
  • Colored Mixer Channels: To differentiate tracks in the mixer view, you can now color channel strips to distinguish them at a glance.
  • Safe startup mode: You can open Cubase without loading third-party plugins, in case you are one of those who likes to do research and install almost any free plugin.
  • Elements now includes Stereo Delay, De-Esser, and Roomworks, previously included in versions big.

Cubase Artist

  • The above, plus:
  • Multitap Delay: An essential tool for musicians. Eight different repeats within the same delay allow you to unleash your most instincts. dub.
  • Padshop 2: More than an update, Padshop 2 is a new instrument. If you’re bored with your Absynth, check it out:
  • Combined Selection Tools: you can combine the two selection tools you use most to simultaneously. Very useful if you work against the clock.
  • Improved macro creation

Pro Edition

  • The above, plus:
  • Importing tracks from other projects: Import group tracks, FX tracks, folder tracks, etc. to your new project.
  • Spectral Comparison EQ: Compare the EQ of two tracks in the same channel window. This way you can make room for your frequencies very easily.
  • Improved sheet music editor.

Read the rest of the features here.

All this, added to Cubase’s more than 30 years of successful experience, makes it an essential part of any professional audio system.

Every time, closer to perfection.

  • Seen in Steinberg.
  • Version comparison table.
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