Corcobado crea una pieza de veinticuatro horas para sesenta músicos

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Corcobado creates a twenty-four-hour piece for sixty musicians

It will be an experience to remember. He next June 21, Javier Corcobado will fulfill a dream: present a twenty-four hour long piece of music which will premiere in Sala Berlanga in Madrid for International Music Day.

Javier Corcobado has managed to bring together more than sixty musicians to give life to “Canción de amor de un día”. It is a twenty-four-hour piece of music that will premiere on June 21 at the Sala Berlanga in Madrid. Directed by himself Corcobado It has a hundred assembled compositions by artists such as Vetusta Morla, Nacho Vegas, Bunbury, Amaral, Ajo, Aintzane Aranguena, Alicia Alemán, Andrés Calamaro, Aviador DRO, Erizonte, Justo Bagüeste, La Fura dels Baus, Mar Otra Vez, Mursego or Suso Saiz.

Javier Corcobado (Sea Again, Demons Your Eyes, Corcobado and The Scrappers of Blood and Sky) He began thinking about this project in 2004. He became obsessed with creating a work that would last a full day, going through different types of sounds without abandoning a central essence. With that idea in mind, in 2011 he already had a story divided into twenty-four chapters that recounted the twenty-four hours of one of his usual days in Bilbao, and which he fragmented into as many parts as there were authors who wanted to join the project. In 2013, the SGAE Foundation He granted help to many of these authors to carry out the composition of these pieces, and Corcobado presented them in the same Sala Berlanga in Madrid. “Little Immortal Prelude”a two-hour theatrical show created and directed by Juan Navarro that advanced the ideas of what would be “Love Song of a Day.”

Now, a decade later, the final project will materialize taking advantage of the context of International Music Day. “Premiering this project at Sala Berlanga is a dream come true,” says Corcobado. He also thanks all the artists, musicians and producers who have thrown themselves into the project in such an enthusiastic and brave way.

“Canción de amor de un día” will not only be a live piece, but it will also be a book that Liburuak will publish with the collaboration of Discos Necesarios and that will include a 32GB pen-drive with the twenty-four-hour song on one the only track that will premiere with the historic concert at the Sala Berlanga in Madrid on June 21 between 7:00 p.m. and 2:30 a.m., with free entry until capacity is reached. Coinciding with International Music Day, the entire composition will be performed and listening to it will resume on June 22 between 10 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. uninterruptedly.

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