Cophosis and total hearing loss

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Cophosis and total hearing loss

Although it is not common, sometimes there are people who stop perceiving all types of sounds. This total hearing loss is known as cophosis either anacusis. In the following post we explain the types of cophosis that existas well as the treatments to cope and make it reversible.

Even people with profound hearing loss They hear some type of sound when it exceeds 90 decibels (dB). In the case of cophosis, those affected hear absolutely nothing, everything is silence. This total hearing loss may affect only one ear –unilateral cophosis– O The two –bilateral cophosis.

The causes of cophosis They can be diverse, both genetics as congenital either acquired. One reason may be, for example, the ear canal malformations present from birth. In these cases, when it affects childrenthese see their dialectical capacity altered: They are only expressed through crying, screaming and laughing..

It can also trigger cophosis inadequate (or non-existent) treatment of some ear diseasessuch as the Ménière’s syndrome either inner ear injuries. Likewise, this total hearing loss can be caused by craniocerebral trauma or the inappropriate use (due to abuse) of ototoxic medications (including some antibiotics, pain relievers and anti-inflammatories). Complete the list of causes of cophosis continued exposure to excessive noise.

How to treat cophosis

Cophosis does not have to be irreversible, especially if it is linked to injuries to the ear canal. The first step will be, as almost always, carrying out a audiometry complete that allows the characteristics of this total hearing loss to be diagnosed in detail. Then it will be time to specify possible solutions. And also in this case the earphonesthe implants osseointegrateds and the cochlear implants are the main hearing aids that are prescribed to deal with anacusis. The choice of one or another solution will depend on whether the cophosis is unilateral or bilateral, as well as the origin of the lesion and also the age of the patient.

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