Childish Gambino releases the complete and improved version of '3.15.20'

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Childish Gambino releases the complete and improved version of '3.15.20'

Four years later, Childish Gambino has released the “finished version” of his latest album. 'Atavista' is available on all platforms with new songs, new mixes and new collaborations. Glover has also announced a world tour and another album, completely unreleased, for this summer, which he intends to be the last of his career.

'Atavista' is the version we all deserved of '3.15.20', released in the middle of the pandemic without cover art, song titles or promotion of any kind. This week, Gambino removed the album from streaming. The new LP is a complete upgrade from Gambino's last project. Summer Walker and Young Nudy join 'Sweet Thang' ('24.19') and 'Little Foot Big Foot' ('35.31'), respectively. The latter comes with a video directed by Hiro Murai, Glover's frequent collaborator.

Likewise, two new songs, 'Atavista' and 'Human Sacrifice' are added to the tracklist. '0.00', '32.22' and '42.26', which was actually 'Feels Like Summer', have been removed from the LP.

As announced by the artist himself this year, this is the first of Donald Glover's two final albums as Childish Gambino. This summer, 'Bando Stone & The New World' will be published and will also serve as the soundtrack to the American's new film. As if that were not enough, the singer has announced 'The New World Tour', which will take him around the world, but without stopping in Spain.

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