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Cher sends the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “to where you know”

Cher has released a Christmas this year. ‘Christmas’ has gone unnoticed, despite its cover, which is why, it seems, Cher has not tired of promoting it in recent weeks, visiting, for example, Kelly Clarkson’s show. There, the ‘Believe’ singer reveals something to Kelly: she is not recognized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It seems that neither all the different artistic facets of her, nor all the successes she has achieved throughout different decades, are enough to convince the jury. Of course, if Kate Bush or Chaka Khan have been able to enter this year, with what it has cost them, Cher can too.

Cher doesn’t lose sleep over not being in the Rock and Rall Hall of Fame. Well, she must take it away a little, since she is the one who mentions the information. However, Cher affirms that she “wouldn’t put me in there even if they gave me a million dollars” and is close to telling the jury to go to hell: “They can go where you already know,” says the artist. Kelly Clarkson listens in disbelief.

Next, Cher does what she needs to do, vindicate herself. “Did you know? “I changed music forever with ‘Believe’,” she declares. Nothing more to add. And she is not lacking in reason. ‘Believe’ was a pioneer in the extreme use of autotune in pop: it is the mother of current pop, basically. Few icons of Cher’s veteran history are more deserving of being part of the great museum of American rock.

At another point in the interview, Kelly Clarkson assures Cher that ‘DJ Play a Christmas Song’ seems to her to be the “best Christmas song ever” after ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. Cher looks at Clarkson confused, as if thinking “a scriptwriter wrote this for you because I’m here.” In any case, ‘DJ Play a Christmas Song’ is not among the Christmas (or non-Christmas) songs most listened to by the public this holiday season, unlike Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Underneath the Tree’.

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