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Chanel says “Barei doesn’t like me”

Chanel has been the latest guest on the podcast Little is talked about! by Xuso Jones and Ana Briten. In the interview, Terrero talks about the imminent arrival of her next album, ‘Água!’, which comes out in January; and of course she remembers her experience performing at Eurovision, where she came third in 2022, giving pop a historic performance.

Unexpectedly, Chanel also talks about Barei, Spain’s representative at Eurovision 2016, recalling some statements that the author of ‘Say Yay’ made about her.

Chanel’s words come after Xuso Jones remembers that he came second in ‘Eurovision Objective’ ahead of Barei, to which Chanel replies: “Barei doesn’t like me, I’ve seen interviews. But she sent him a kiss. When Xuso Jones declares that “I’m dead with you saying that Barei didn’t like your proposal at Eurovision,” indicating that “you have to be blind not to like what you did,” Chanel replies: “Don’t twist the words.” “What I said is that Barei doesn’t like me.” Next, Chanel points out that “I don’t know if the interview was around Benidorm Fest or around Eurovision, because remember that opinions changed.”

Chanel seems to allude to those same words from Barei when, asked by Xuso and Ana, she decides not to share which Benidorm Fest 2024 proposal is currently her favorite. The Catalan advocates waiting to discover the proposals in their entirety: «I think we have to be fair and give everyone the opportunity to exhibit their art. When they have performed I will know who my favorite is, but at first it is too much, it is too much pressure. “It seems unfair to me to give a favorite because I also suffered it from the other side and I prefer to be impartial.”

Chanel may be referring to statements that Barei made on Malbert’s podcast during an interview published on YouTube in December 2022, long after the celebration of Benidorm Fest and Eurovision. Barei spoke specifically about ‘SloMo’ and stated that she “wasn’t one of her favorites” from the edition and that she preferred ‘Ay mama’ by Rigoberta Bandini because she identified with her lyrics. “I don’t identify with ‘SloMo’, but other people will,” she said. «There are songs that have a purpose, which is to make you dance, have fun, put on a show. “I don’t empathize with the lyrics, but I think it’s great that in art one can express oneself and talk about what one wants and with the words one wants, without limits.” Barei noted that the lyrics of ‘SloMo’ did not “inspire him at all,” but that the song “is catchy,” adding that Chanel “sings and dances very well, and to do that you have to be brave.” After Chanel’s Eurovision performance, Barei express: “How stupid to dance and sing like that at the same time, how much work (sic) behind this performance.”

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