'Celeste' will bring the case of Shakira and Hacienda to fiction

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‘Celeste’ will bring the case of Shakira and Hacienda to fiction

The new Movistar+ series that promises to give something to talk about is called ‘Celeste’ and is very evidently inspired by the case of Shakira and Hacienda, reports Cine con Ñ. ‘Celeste’ will tell the story of the Tax Agency inspector who discovers the fraud case of the “biggest star in Latin music.” The director, Diego San José, cannot make the inspiration clearer, and assures that ‘Celeste’ will be “like Zodiac, but with personal income tax.”

In the words of the creator of ‘Vota Juan’, ‘Celeste’ “was born from the challenge of creating a dizzying thriller around the grayest character I can think of: a sixty-year-old tax inspector who lives alone and has no special skills. ”.

The official synopsis explains: «Celeste is the big star of Latin music. Her songs are a global phenomenon. Her concerts fill stadiums. She has her own perfume, her own brand of lingerie and a long mane of hair promoting her own shampoo. But this series is not about her. The real protagonist of ‘Celeste’ is Sara Santano, a tax inspector who has dedicated her entire life to collecting taxes. That is the only thing she has done since she took her exams as a twenty-something until today, after more than thirty years dedicated to the Tax Agency, the time has come to retire early.

Or so she thought. Because on the last day she receives the most important assignment of her career: to prove that Celeste, the great Latin star, resides in Spain and she has to pay her taxes here. A mission on which twenty million euros depend for the Spanish coffers. To do this, Sara will have to put her life aside to go through Celeste’s and prove that she spent 184 days here. Half the year plus one.

In real life it was an inspector named Susana C who pulled the strings that led to Shakira’s tax fraud being pointed out. A historical macro report published in the Economy section of El País gave all the details at that time. Today, Shakira can already say that she has turned the page on the worst moment of her life.

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