'Casanova' by Soolking, Lola Indigo and RVFV, top 2 in Spain

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‘Casanova’ by Soolking, Lola Indigo and RVFV, top 2 in Spain

‘Manos rotos’ by DELLAFUENTE and Morad continues at number 1 on the Spanish singles chart for the second consecutive week.

‘Casanova’ by Soolking, Lola Indigo and RVFV goes straight in at number 2. This means that ‘Casanova’ gives Lola Indigo her biggest hit in Spain after ‘El Tonto’, her hit with Quevedo, number 1 in Spain. ‘Casanova’ surpasses the data of ‘Ya no Quiero ná’ (number 3), ‘Lola Bunny’ with Don Patricio (number 4), ‘4 kisses’ with Rauw Alejandro and Lalo Ebratt (number 7) or even ‘La Niña de the School’ with TINI and Belinda (number 9).

Among RVFV’s biggest hits on the Spanish singles chart is the 9th place achieved by ‘Mi luz’ with Rels B, ultimately five times platinum; or the 14th of ‘Prendio’. ‘Casanova’ is, on the other hand, the third collaboration between Lola Indigo and RVFV, after ‘Trendy’ (number 7) and ‘Romeo y Julieta’ (number 71).

‘Casanova’ is, in fact, an original dembow by Algerian producer Soolking that, with the collaboration of French rapper Gazo, has been number 1 singles in France and the Netherlands. With Lola Indigo and RVFV, it could also be the case in Spain. We will continue to inform.

The next entry on the list is Duki’s signature with ‘Call Me Maybe’, which is not a Carly Rae Jepsen cover. The trap-house track comes in at 67 of Promusicae.

Finally, Spain gives Pharrell Williams one of the few entries in any ‘Airplane Tickets’ territory, if not the only one, with a single that cannot go unnoticed any longer. Surely helped by the featuring of Rauw Alejandro, a guest artist with rapper Swae Lee, this Afrobeat song enters at number 92.

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