Carlos Ares' folk is eccentric and not at all "pilgrim"

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Carlos Ares’ folk is eccentric and not at all “pilgrim”

Carlos Ares is a Galician singer and composer who has been publishing music since 2017. Signed by BMG since his first single, ‘Tiemblo’, Carlos Ares has since been building a repertoire that is quite unclassifiable and far from commerciality. The rural imagery of Galicia, present on the cover of the single ‘Odisea’, starring two friendly sheep, also translates into a sound that can be described as strange and even eccentric. From New Weird America we move to New Weird Spain.

It would be difficult to guess listening to the different collaborations that Carlos Ares has published in recent years with Marc Seguí, Paula Cendejas, Vic Mirallas or DEVA (his single ‘Galerna’ has more than 2 million listens) that his own music would be so free. As if proposing his pop vision of the Microphones, or his Galician version of alt-J and Bon Iver, singles like ‘Rocíos’ or ‘Odisea’ present a thoughtful balance between the rawness of the acoustic guitars and the ambition of a cornered and full production. of nuances.

‘Rocíos’ is one of Carlos Ares’ most accessible singles. That’s why it’s today’s Song Of The Day. In ‘Rocíos’, Ares “lives on the edge” and “spends his nights in suspense” while the energy of the acoustic guitar and percussion builds one of his most open and accessible songs.

Carlos Ares’ link with the countryside may have led this singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist born in A Coruña in 1997 to dedicate himself to field recording in ‘Terricola’, and his visceral melodies make him sing his heart out in ‘Here still’ . The guitar attacks of ‘Velocity’ constitute another of his best-rounded singles – with the help of electronics – and with the mutant folk of ‘Cigarra’, Ares definitively moves away from the friendly sound of his first releases.

‘Amigo’, Carlos Ares’ most recent single, is another signature discovery, also evoking a more experimental Sen Senra if possible. ‘Amigo’ will be part of Carlos Ares’ official debut, ‘Peregrino’, which goes on sale on February 9. All the songs discussed here, and other unreleased ones, will appear on this album with which Ares wanted to “go back to my most primitive version”, but also, he adds, “apply a lot of what I learned along the way.”

Carlos Ares Dates

April* 4 Thursday Valencia Loco Club
April* 13 Saturday Bilbao BilboRock
April 18 Thursday Barcelona Sala Wolf (Suite Cycle)
June 1 Saturday Santiago de Comp. Son do Camiño
Nov 9 Saturday Madrid Changó Room

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