Carina, the totally invisible middle ear implant

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Carina, the totally invisible middle ear implant

The earphones they are a great hearing solution for many people. However, depending on the level of hearing loss they may not be enough. And when that happens, the system Cochlear Carina is presented as one of the best alternatives. To begin with, because it is included in the portfolio of services common orthoprosthetic provision of public health. And furthermore, and above all, because this middle ear implant It is completely implantable under the skin, that is, invisible.

Recommended for patients with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss or a mixed hearing loss, the Carina middle ear implant it turns out very comfortable and practical. If compared to a hearing aid, the advantages are notable: being completely implantable It cannot be lost, hit or forgotten. For this same reason, its users can hear the alarm clock, wake up to your baby crying either take a shower.

Its invisibility and the fact of not having to worry about putting it on and taking it off are the elements most valued by Carina users, who recognize that it makes it easier for them to lead an active and normal life, both personal and work.

Its practicality must also be combined with its power. The Carina system is one of the most powerful middle ear implants on the market. He MicroDrive Actuator provides a precise transfer and reliable power, helping to ensure good, predictable results. Recent studies show that patients can hear well in both quiet and noisy environments.

The useful life of the battery of the Carina middle ear implant is 15 yearswith a daily load complete that is completed in just over 40 minutes. In addition, this sound processor has a practical remote control, which allows you to change programs to adapt to your environment or quickly increase the volume whenever necessary.

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