Carina, the ideal invisible implant for some professions

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Carina, the ideal invisible implant for some professions

He ear implantCarina said. It is a highly recommended solution for people with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss either mixed hearing loss. Furthermore, as it does not present any external device and is therefore invisibleBecomes a ideal solution for some professionssuch as those related to the securityhe sport or the first aid.

He Carina Implant it turns out very comfortable and practical. If compared to a headsetthe advantages are notable: being completely implantable cannot be lost, hit or forgotten. This characteristic gives it undoubted usefulness for the exercise of professions that require significant physical activityfor example, athletes, police and security guards either lifeguards.

An added advantage of Carina is that it has a rechargeable battery, offering up to 32 hours of continuous listening with a single charge, which gives a remarkable autonomy to its bearers.

The reliability of this hearing implant is also important to be able to play sports or act in emergency situations. In fact, Carina uses the system MicroDrive fixed that immobilizes the actuator in the skull bone. This system offers power, stability and precision. And all this without losing benefits. It’s more, Carina is one of the most powerful middle ear implants on the marketbeing able to provide recordings that are up to 30 decibels (dB) higher than other implants of these characteristics.

Carina, the reliable implant in noisy environments

Recent studies also show that Carina users can hear well in both quiet and noisy environments, something that is also very useful for professions that are normally carried out surrounded by noise, such as lifeguards or security. In addition, this sound processor has a handy remote controlwhich allows you to change programs to adapt to the environment or quickly increase the volume whenever necessary.

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