Cardi B doesn't vote, she doesn't release an album... she just wants to make 'Erotica'

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Cardi B doesn't vote, she doesn't release an album… she just wants to make 'Erotica'

Cardi B has been in the news this week for getting angry about the negativity on the social network still known as Twitter. In the end she ended up breaking out and assuring that she won't release an album this year either, after several delays.

Something that contradicts the new cover of Rolling Stone, where it does talk about an album in progress. The bad thing is that from there another headline is spreading like wildfire, about the presidential elections. Cardi B assures that she is not going to vote, because she does not want to know anything about Joe Biden or Donald Trump. “I do n't fuck with both of y'all n***as” is her accurate statement.

At another point in the interview, Cardi B comments that she would not like to do a residency in Las Vegas because not everyone can afford to travel there after paying $200 for a ticket, and leaves a very curious statement when talking about the music you would like to make.

She begins by talking about Beyoncé herself and ends by talking about Madonna, with whom she shared a forgettable featuring for Quavo called 'Champagne Rosé': «Have you seen how Beyoncé is making a country album, that she simply does what she likes? If it was up to me, she would make songs like 'Erotica' because that's what I like. I like 'Erotica' by Madonna, 'Justify My Love'. “If I was at the level that Beyoncé is at, I would make songs like that.”

The magazine indicates that, first, Cardi B prefers to establish her figure in hip hop… although it is not that she is free of sex, as “WAP (wet ass pussy)” proved. Only less whispered.

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