Can Ryan Gosling's 'I'm Just Ken' Beat Billie or Dua Lipa?

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Can Ryan Gosling’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ Beat Billie or Dua Lipa?

The awards season has already kicked off and artists are beginning to play their cards for possible nominations and victories. This is the case of Ryan Gosling, who has released an EP with up to three new versions of ‘I’m Just Ken’, one of the most successful songs from the Barbie movie.

Fresh from a Golden Globe nomination, ‘I’m Just Ken’ is one of the songs most likely to win awards next year. However, her competition is enormous, starting with the film itself in which she stands out: ‘Barbie’ also features the acclaimed ‘Dance The Night’ by Dua Lipa and ‘What Was I Made For?’ by Billie Eilish. In fact, although all three are nominated for Best Original Song for a Motion Picture at the Grammys, ‘I’m Just Ken’ missed out on the nomination for Song of the Year, which both Dua Lipa and Eilish did achieve.

However, if we think of the Golden Globes as a prelude to the Oscars, Ryan Gosling’s chances increase: as happened at the Grammys, the song was nominated for Best Original Song, which could end up earning him an Oscar nomination. in that same category. This has encouraged Gosling to bet heavily on his campaign by publishing three new versions of ‘I’m Just Ken’ produced by Mark Ronson: a Christmas one, an acoustic one and another disco.

To see if the launch of this EP bears fruit, we will have to wait until January 7, when the Golden Globes gala is held and we find out the winning song for Best Original Song. That, however, will only be the first test. On January 23, the Oscar nominations will be announced and a few days later, on February 4, the Grammy winners will be announced.

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