Camellos estrenan “Loros” y comparten próximas fechas de gira

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Camellos premiere “Loros” and share upcoming tour dates

The Madrid band Camels publishes the studio version of “Loros”, a song that they had played in their first live shows and that will be part of their next album. In addition, they have confirmed more concerts for the coming months.

Unknown to the vast majority of listeners of Camels. Slightly familiar to the most loyal fans. After “Who's Laughing Now” and “Getting Along”, the “Parrots” arrive. The band opens the summer with the third preview of what will be the Madrid band's fourth album; the first under the Ernie Records label.

“Parrots” is that friendship that comes to see you from time to time and suddenly moves to your couch, it reminds you of yourself from a past time but this time it returns an image that doesn't make you look away. A topic to which Camels It has been shining for years, which takes us back to the beginnings of the Madrid band with the additions of its current sound, which completes this return without returning completely.

This single is destined to be one of the essentials in the setlist, one of those songs that achieve communion between the public and the band. A song that transmits an energy similar to those sung to move forward and feel like celebrating something important. It arrives to add color to the summer that is about to begin.

With the release of this third preview, Camels He also announces the next dates of his tour. After spending this weekend in Palencia, you will be able to see them in Pontevedra (June 15, Surfing The Lérez), Tenerife (August 24, Phe Festival), Miranda de Ebro (September 7, Ebrovisión Festival), Huesca (September 20, El Veintiuno), Barcelona (November 26, Banco Mediolanum Festival Mil·lenni ), Madrid (November 16, Teatro Barceló), Valencia (November 29, Sala Moon) and Murcia (November 30, Sala Rem). Soon there will be more dates that will be added to this list.

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