Cala Mijas cancels, accusing the City Council of “non-payments”

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Cala Mijas cancels, accusing the City Council of “non-payments”

Cala Mijas, the festival that has brought artists of the stature of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes or Florence + the Machine to the Costa del Sol in Malaga, has announced its end after two successful editions, those of 2022 and 2023, and its promoter, LAST TOUR, has accused the Mijas City Council of having incurred a “serious non-payment” of the “sponsorship” of the 2023 edition, among other “non-compliances that are no less serious.” This, together with the “inattention” and lack of “interest” of the City Council towards the festival, has led Cala Mijas to “cease in the organization and implementation of the next editions of the festival.” All this occurs after last October there was a change of government in Mijas, through a motion of censure that removed the PSOE so that PP, Vox, and a non-attached councilor, formerly of Cs, could enter. He has the key to the government.

In a statement, LAST TOUR describes the “serious breaches in which the City Council has incurred towards LAST TOUR, the most relevant of which consists of the non-payment of the important sums owed for sponsorship in relation to the 2023 edition of the festival.” ; non-payment that has persisted despite the continuous payment demands formulated. He continues: “To these are added other non-compliances that are no less serious, such as the lack of conditioning and provision of facilities at the venue.”

Cala Mijas reasons that “it is obvious that the unjustified disregard by the City Council of its contractual commitments prevents the continuation of the agreed collaboration, since, among other issues, it deprives LAST TOUR of essential income for the promotion of the festival in its edition of this year.” and successive years and, what is even more regrettable, shows the lack of interest of the municipal entity in the success of the organization of the festival. The promoter therefore concludes that “LAST TOUR has been forced to make the decisions to terminate the sponsorship and cease organizing the festival.”

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