Arde Bogotá y Bunbury comparten una nueva versión de “La Salvación”

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Bogotá burns, sweeps the Academy of Music Awards

The Academy of Music Awards in Spain they have ended with the recognition of the talent, work and effort of professionals in the music industry.

The gala was held on the night of Monday, June 10 and was presented by the actress April Zamorasinger and actress Andrea Guasch and the presenters and journalists Ángel Carmona and Johann Wald. Attendees were able to enjoy the performance of Mikel Izal, in tribute to Antonio Vega. Also the incredible voice of Maria José Llergo, Maria Toledo or the surprising duet of Iván Ferreiro with his brother Amaro on stage with “En las trenches de la cultura pop”.

The big winners of the night were Arde Bogotá. And they received recognition for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Rock Album “Cowboys de la A3” (23), Song of the Year and Best Rock Song by Los Perros and Best New Artist. Six awards that propel the group to the top. Other big winners of the evening were La Plazuela, which won four awards for Best Fusion Song/Urban Performance and Best Alternative Song for Péiname Juana, Best Electronic Music Album for “Roneo Funk Club_Remixed” (23) and Best Music Album. Alternative Music by “Roneo Funk Club” (23).

Among the great winners of the night we also find Iván Ferreiro, C. Tangana and Sílvia Pérez Cruz, with three Awards each, or the two that went to Israel Fernández, Aitana or the union of ADDA SINFONICA, Josep Vicent and Emilio Solla. Without a doubt one of the most special nights of the year for Castilian music. You can check all the awards under the video.

Artist of the Year: Arde Bogotá
Album of the Year: Cowboys de la A3 (Artist: Arde Bogotá)
Song of the Year: Los Perros (Artist: Arde Bogota)
Best New Artist: Arde Bogotá
Composer of the Year (Song): Iván Ferreiro (Song: In the Trenches of Pop Culture)
Best Recording Engineering: Alizzz (Album: Boycott)
Producer of the Year (Album/Song): Coque Malla, José Nortes (Album: Although we are dead by Coque Malla)
Best Pop Album: Bellodrama (Artist: Ana Mena)
Best Traditional Pop Album: Pyramidal Disruption (Artist: El Último de la Fila)
Best Pop Song: El Paraíso (Artist: Mikel Izal)
Best Fusion Song/Urban Performance: Péiname Juana (Artist: La Plazuela)
Best Urban Music Album: Where I Want to Be (Artist: Quevedo)
Best Rap/HipHop Song: Estrecho / Alvarado (Artist: C. Tangana)
Best Urban Song: Ex aequo: miamor (Artist: Aitana & Rels B) and Columbia (Artist: Quevedo)
Best Electronic Music Album: RONEO FUNK CLUB_REMIXED (Artist: La Plazuela)
Best Electronic Music Song: Los Ángeles (Artist: Aitana)
Best Rock Album: Cowboys de la A3 (Artist: Arde Bogotá)
Best Rock Song: Los Perros (Artist: Arde Bogotá)
Best Pop/Rock Album: Trench Pop (Artist: Iván Ferreiro)
Best Pop/Rock Song: In the trenches of Pop culture (Artist: Iván Ferreiro)
Best Alternative Music Album: RONEO FUNK CLUB (Artist: La Plazuela)
Best Alternative Song: Péiname Juana (Artist: La Plazuela)
Best Flamenco Album: Pura Sangre (Artist: Israel Fernández)
Best Flamenco Song: Al Tercer Mundo – Bulería (Artist: Israel Fernández, Diego del Morao, Pional)
Best Singer-Songwriter Album: A lifetime, one day (Artist: Sílvia Pérez Cruz)
Best Singer-songwriter Song: Para Vivir (Artist: El Kanka)
Best Folk Album: Ultrabelleza (Artist: María José Llergo)
Best Jazz Album: The Chick Corea Symphony Tribute (Artist: ADDA SINFONICA; Josep Vicent; Emilio Solla)
Best OST Album, Series: The Messiah (Artist: Raül Refree)
Best Song/Theme OST, Series, Advertising: El amor de Andrea (artist: Vetusta Morla and Valeria Castro)
Best Instrumental Album: The Chick Corea Symphony Tribute (Artist: ADDA SINFONICA; Josep Vicent; Emilio Solla)
Best Classical Music Album: Falla: Corregidor & Sombrero (Artist: Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra)
Best Contemporary Classical Work/Composition: Hallelujah (Artist: Juan Antonio Simarro)
Best Arrangement: El Sabio (Artist: Tomatito)
Best Album Design: A lifetime, a day (artist: Sílvia Pérez Cruz)
Best Music Video: Oliveira dos cen anos (Artist: C.Tangana)
Best Full-Length Music Video: Dancing Until the Blackout (Artist: Vetusta Morla)
Best Tour: When you bite your lip (Artist: Leiva)
Best Event of the Year (Festival, cycle, gala, charity concert, etc.): Botanical Nights
Best Song in Catalan/Valencian/Aranese: Ell no vol que el món s'acabi (Artist: Sílvia Pérez Cruz)
Best Song in Basque: Aralarko dama (Artist: ZETAK)
Best Song in Galician/Bable: Oliveira Dos Cen Anos (Artist: C.Tangana)

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