Bluetooth headphones to connect your life with your soundtrack

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Bluetooth headphones to connect your life with your soundtrack

What do Bluetooth headphones do?

Bluetooth headphones have the advantage that they can connect wirelessly with your phoneyou televisionyou computer or you tablet to directly transmit the sound they emit with your hearing solution. The new digital hearing aids They incorporate this function that allows you to convert the headphones into a type of wireless headphones, which adapts to your pace of life and your soundtrack.

How to connect headphones with Bluetooth?

The process of connecting your headphones to your sound playback device is very easy and fast. Furthermore, once linked, both systems memorize it and the process is automatic every time we turn on that device. The process is very simple.

  1. We access the device settings that you want to connect with our hearing aid, such as the telephone, television, computer or tablet
  2. We activate the Bluetooth functionwhich will then automatically search for devices that can be paired and connected (both must be within walking distance)
  3. We select the hearing aid in the list of devices that appear on our phone, television or computer
  4. We wait for the two devices to be connected to use and manage the device.

Can all hearing aids connect with Bluetooth?

most of latest generation hearing aids They already incorporate the connection function via Bluetooth. Digital hearing aids allow this wireless pairing with audio playback devices. However, if in doubt, you can consult your hearing care professional directly to confirm the availability of this function. In the case of sound players, Bluetooth is a fully established technology that is offered in practically all of these devices.

If I use Bluetooth headphones, does the battery drain faster?

It is true that if we connect our hearing aids to our television, our mobile phone or a tablet, the battery consumption will be a little higher. Therefore, its autonomy will be somewhat shortened. However, Bluetooth technology itself has evolved a lot and now the energy consumption required by this wireless pairing is much lower than it was years ago. In fact, the current protocol Bluetooth Low Energy It has very little impact on the hearing aid battery. Furthermore, recharging the battery of this hearing solution is now very easy and fast, so energy consumption should not be an element that determines the use of this technology.

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