Billie Eilish sinks her teeth into her girl in 'Lunch'

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'BIRDS OF A FEATHER' is Billie Eilish's new megahit

A very significant movement has just occurred in Spotify's Global Top. This Friday, Billie Eilish's 'BIRDS OF A FEATHER' had more streams than 'LUNCH' for the first time. One rises to position 4 and the other falls to position 5, both behind 'Espresso', 'MILLION DOLLAR BABY' and 'Houdini' (Eminem's).

That is, what seemed like Billie Eilish's main single is giving way to 'BIRDS OF A FEATHER'. What was always my favorite song from 'HIT ME HARD AND SOFT' is therefore our Song of the Day today.

'BIRDS OF A FEATHER' is the maximum expression of happiness in a love relationship. It represents that complicated genre of happy songs. Transmitting joy through a positive song. The song has its moment of crying, but they are tears of happiness. That is what an absolutely positive and bright melody transmits, which goes even higher with Billie Eilish's high notes towards the end.

As for the lyrics, he talks endlessly about a love that he feels will last until death, mention of the grave included, and if he doesn't make it, nothing happens either. “I never thought she wouldn't be better off alone / I can't change time, it may not be forever / But if it's forever, even better.”

'BIRDS OF A FEATHER' has been included in the promotion of the third season of 'Heartstopper' but it seems very difficult for it to be contained as the album's official single until the new batch of episodes are released. This won't happen until October and the song is already a hurricane on the charts, in fact already topping the TODAY'S TOP HITS playlist.

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