Billie Eilish sinks her teeth into her girl in 'Lunch'

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Billie Eilish retains the top 1 of Albums in Spain; Taylor goes up

As if it were a reggaeton album, 'HIT ME HARD AND SOFT' by Billie Eilish retains number 1 albums in Spain for the second consecutive week. Let us remember that this album has not managed to be top 1 in the United States, falling behind Taylor Swift during its first two weeks. In the UK, it drops from position 1 to position 3. On the other hand, Billie still maintains 3 of the songs from the album in the top 100 of Spanish singles: 'Lunch' drops from 18 to 22, 'Chihiro' drops from 24 to 60 and 'Birds of a Feather' drops from 42 to 71.

The list includes sales and streaming between May 24 and 30 in Spain, which implies Taylor Swift's visit to the Bernabéu. In fact, 'The Tortured Poets Department' is the strongest rise of the week. Taylor Swift's latest album, which was already number 1 here, only goes from position 3 to position 2, but the number of copies it rises is taken into account, not the positions. It is exceptional to see two American artists at the top of the album chart in Spain, but these days Saiko and Rels B have had to settle for 3rd and 4th places respectively.

The strongest entry is 'Clancy' by Twenty One Pilots, which reaches number 5. It has been number 2 in the United Kingdom, number 3 in the United States, and number 1 in some important territories such as Germany and Australia.

Two albums from Argentina also enter the Spanish top 10: 'El Última Baile' by Trueno is number 6, and 'Grasa' by Nathy Peluso is number 9. Trueno reached number 4 with 'Atrevido' and Nathy, number 5. with 'Calambre', so in no case have they broken their best record… but almost.

Other entries of the week have been 'Cuatro' by Camilo at 15, 'Blue Electric Light' by Lenny Kravitz at 16, 'Right Place, Wrong Persona' by RM at 19, 'La Caleta' by La Plazuela, David by Jacoba and Texture at 25, 'Post Human: Nex Gen' by Bring Me the Horizon at number 42 and '66' by Paul Weller at number 57.

We highlight the case of 'La Caleta' by La Plazuela, David de Jacoba and Texture, because the 5-song album is number 1 of the week on vinyl.

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