Bethany Consentino talks about the poor reception of her latest album

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Bethany Consentino talks about the poor reception of her latest album

Bethany Consentino, the person behind Best Coast, has released an album this year signed under her given name. ‘Natural Disaster’ has received generally good reviews. Among the exceptions, Pitchfork has rated it 5.9 out of 10, a grade very close to that given by JENESAISPOP (6 out of 10).

However, ‘Natural Disaster’ has failed to capture the public’s attention. Whether due to the name change or the change in sound, ‘Natural Disaster’ has not generated the same interest that a new Best Coast album would have generated. In fact, their streaming is very low, and there has been no presentation tour.

Consentino did not want to remain silent and expressed her “disappointment” at the performance of ‘Natural Disaster’. She believes that she has by no means made a “bad album” and blames the “state of the music industry” for the poor reception the album has received. Specifically, Consentino denounces “all the promotion you have to do, everything you have to sell yourself” nowadays, only for the album to come out and the public forget about it after four days. “I don’t want you to think I’m a failure, I’m fine,” she says, “but I really thought the album was going to do better, and that I was going to take it on tour.”

Consentino reveals that the poor results of ‘Natural Disaster’ have led him to consider leaving music, but that music is “all I know how to do” and what gives him “life.” However, it is not part of her plans to recover the Best Coast project, as she says that it represents a sound with which she no longer identifies, “like trying to get into pants that no longer fit”, and she defends that she wants to be able to evolve. on a creative level, just as she does on a human level, without the public forgetting her.

After Bethany Consentino’s statements have begun to circulate on networks and media, the artist wanted to clarify – answering a Stereogum headline – that she has not criticized the “launch” of ‘Natural Disaster’, as she considers that her publicist ” “did a great job” to get the album out in the media, but rather the functioning of the current industry: “I’m disappointed with the fact that it seems like you disappear from this industry if the algorithm loses you.”

@bethanycosentino Hi this is long but I wanted to tell you the truth ❤️ #dissapointment #fearoffailure #singersongwriter #believeinyourself #expectationvreality ♬ original sound – bethany cosentino

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