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Behringer Wing: Your new wings

Behringer Wing

The Behringer Wing is now official. Behringer has published its new mixer on its website: Digital with 374 inputs and 374 outputs. That awful!

Uli has been hitting the nail on the head for a while with every product it releases, and little by little it is expanding its networks to all fields of professional and semi-professional audio. The new Wing belongs to the first group, since its price will be around half a kilogram (€3000)

Everything for little

On paper, it is worth every euro it costs. The features are fantastic: all kinds of connectivity (even those you may not use in your life), compatibility with Mackie Control and HUI to use it as a control surface in your favorite sequencer, recording on SD cards using two included slots, touch screen 10″, FX sections with Pulteq, Neve, SSL emulations,… Of course, you have the Midas preamps and the house’s trademark motorized faders.

The outside

On the outside, it doesn’t have much to do with the X32, which is the brand’s previous reference. The screen takes center stage on the surface of the Behringer Wing, and the faders and wood on the front give it a touch vintage which I personally like. It is much narrower, giving the impression high-tech and lightness.

Behringer Wing Rear View

Connectivity, a key piece in the Behringer Wing

This is where in my opinion they have put the rest. Whatever you have and whatever you do, the Wing will be able to connect with it. 48 USB2.0 input and output channels round out the possible uses. There are certain connections that will be sold in optional expansion modules (Ethernet for audio to work with Waves Soundgrid or Dante AES67, MADI and ADAT), but the simple fact that you have the ability to work with it is a bonus.

General Features Behringer Wing

  • 8 Midas PRO microphone preamps and 8 integrated Midas PRO outputs
  • 24 motorized 100mm faders in 3 separate, fully configurable sections
  • “Plug and play” remote I/O connectivity for up to 144 input and output signals via 3 AES50 ports with Klark Teknik SuperMAC technology for ultra-low jitter and latency
  • Large adjustable rotatable capacitive touch main screen
  • Exclusive touch-sensitive channel editing section with 11 rotary controls and dedicated color TFT to stay on top of all channel properties
  • Optional module for 64×64 audio channels over Ethernet: compatible with WAVES SoundGrid technology or Dante / AES67 technology
  • Integrated 48 x 48 channel USB 2.0 audio interface with HUI remote and Mackie Control
  • Dual SD card recorder/player with up to 64 tracks and markers to identify song positions
  • Additional 4-channel control section with rotary controls, buttons and parameter display for permanent access to the master, matrices or money-channels

Signal processing

  • Premium Virtual FX Rack with 8 real stereo processors and world-class TC algorithms, Lexicon, Quantec and EMT emulations
  • Standard Virtual FX rack with 8 true stereo processors for a wide range of modulation, equalization, dynamics, etc. Also allows you to mix external effects
  • 5 variable plug-in processing slots for the 40 stereo input channels, featuring the most iconic classic analog EQs and compressors, plus FX insert slot and 4-band parametric EQ for the 8 stereo aux channels
  • Custom controls featuring 16 latching or momentary buttons and 4 rotary controls, easily configured for preferred functions
  • 4 main, 8 matrix and 16 stereo aux buses, with dual inserts, 8-band parametric EQs, stereo imaging and full dynamics processing


  • 2 Ethernet ports with integrated switch for remote network control
  • Built-in expansion port for optional audio interface cards or digital network, MADI* and ADAT/WC
  • 32-channel StageCONNECT low-latency interface for personal monitoring or analog I/O boxes, AES/EBU digital stereo input and outputs on balanced XLR, 8×8 balanced TRS aux line in
  • and outputs, 2 TRS phone jacks, MIDI I/O and 4 GPIO ports

As you will see, they have left nothing in the pipeline. It’s supposed to be available in a month and a half, so for now, all we can do is salivate and hang in there.
  • Seen at Behringer.
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