Beatles or boyband: the casting of the Sam Mendes movie

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Beatles or boyband: the casting of the Sam Mendes movie

For a few months it has been known that Sony is preparing individual biopics of each of the four members of the Beatles. Sam Mendes will direct the films and Sony Pictures will handle distribution. But which actors will play Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr?

According to a rumor spread by The Insneider and reproduced by Screenrant and other media such as Stereogum, the four actors who will play the Beatles in their respective biopics have already been chosen and their names have begun to circulate on networks and media.

Paul Mescal, known for his Oscar-nominated performance in 'Aftersun', has reportedly been cast as his namesake, Paul McCartney. John Lennon, for his part, would be handled by Harris Dickinson, known for his recent role in 'The Triangle of Sadness'. George Harrison would be played by a lesser-known actor, Charlie Rowe.

And the surprise would come from Barry Keoghan playing Ringo Starr: the 'Saltburn' actor, known for playing characters that give a bad vibe, would also take on another musical role after returning Sophie Ellis-Bextor's 'Murder on the Dancefloor' to the highest on the charts.

Although Sony Pictures has not confirmed or denied the rumors, information about the alleged cast of the Beatles has begun to spread like wildfire through national and international media. At the very least, the high-profile names of Paul Mescal and Barry Keoghan ensure an interesting cast.

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