Bad Gyal wears a Beyoncé dress in the splendid 'Give Me'

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Bad Gyal wears a Beyoncé dress in the splendid ‘Give Me’

Bad Gyal is warming up ahead of the release of what will be considered his first album, ‘La Joia’. And never better said, because what Alba Farelo has given us in this cold month of December is one of her sunniest and most paradisiacal songs, which taking into account her historical relationship with Jamaica, is saying a lot.

Wrapped in Afrobeat rhythms, ‘Give Me’ tells us about an escapist love (“Let’s be alone, so they don’t look for us / We do it all night, we don’t do it twice”), in which sex is mixed with joints (“I take a joint and he lights up a Phillie / Then he’s going to take off my bikini”). The simple but beautiful production has brought together for the first time Scott Storch and Nely El Arma Secreta, who had already worked with the artist separately (Storch on ‘Zorra’ or ‘Slim Thick’ and Nely on ‘Judas’).

The chorus “He gets carried away watching it bounce / He has something that kills me” guarantees new success for Bad Gyal on the charts. Despite the proliferation of Christmas carols these days, the song remains in the top 200 of Spotify Spain, so we assume that with the arrival of the new year, it will rise. We remind you that the album that includes ‘Give Me’ will be considered Bad Gyal’s official debut, even despite the different mixtapes that he has been giving us over the years.

The cover of the single ‘Give Me’ is the work of Sheila Janet Pinas, responsible for the entire photographic universe of the album ‘La Joia’. In it, Bad Gyal appears wearing a dress from Esteban Cortázar’s SS 2002 collection, also seen on the cover of ‘Naughty Girl’ (2003) by Beyoncé. With this reference the artist manages to close, along with the typography, a 90’s R&B aesthetic present throughout the album’s imagery.

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