Azealia Banks says “gays” have “ruined her life”

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Azealia Banks says “gays” have “ruined her life”

Azealia Banks hasn’t released music for a while, but that doesn’t mean she’s gone. Not at all. The artist went to X, formerly Twitter, today to vent about various topics and respond to some followers. Among her most important statements is that “gays” have “ruined her life.”

It all started with a thread of tweets written by the artist in which she confessed that she had not liked ‘Pink Friday 2’, Nicki Minaj’s new album. “I don’t think Nicki understands that the most unique aspect of her cultural impact was the permission she gave female rappers to be incredibly feminine,” she writes in a tweet. «Nicki Minaj was the first rapper who did not try to emulate the aesthetics of male rap. Nowadays she has left her authentic Barbie aesthetic to masculinize herself,” she continues.

But, later, the thread of tweets went around and Azealia Banks ended up criticizing Diddy, a rapper who continues to be involved in controversies and accusations of sexual assault. The artist, who made allusion to Diddy being gay, she received an ironic response from a user who called her “jokingly” homophobic “Fuck, it’s 2023 and there are still basic gays on Twitter searching for homophobia as if anyone cares or ever cared,” Banks replied in all caps.

The comments increased and the artist continued immersed in the discussion. “You think you’ve given a shit, but remind us why you’re no longer making music and have resorted to selling soap,” wrote one user. She was quick to respond: “Because, honestly, gay people’s refusal to let me quietly earn millions of dollars because they want me to entertain them for a penny makes me realize that the broke black rule applies to all men.” “You can’t afford my music, baby.”

Azealia Banks later tweeted again: “After all these years of fake outrage and stress, the fact that any gay man thinks I’m remotely excited about putting out more music so they can scream and waste a black woman’s life makes me sick.” It’s funny.” «You have ruined what should have been some of the best years of my life. You have screwed me over, harassed me, and lied to me, preventing any kind of success while pretending to wish me the best… And now you are begging for new music. “Unfortunate,” she concludes.

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