Azealia Banks attacks Charli XCX and PC Music

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Azealia Banks attacks Charli XCX and PC Music

Azealia Banks has charged in X against Charli XCX, with whom she had already had a clash at some point. But not as direct as now.

Someone warned Azealia that AG Cook, in the midst of promoting his notable album 'Britpop', had written a bad review of his music on the internet. In reality it was a Discord made with AI, but it helped it turn on. What they have happened to Azealia is a screenshot of a parody website called Witchfork in which they rate her song 'Count Contessa' very badly, indicating that “the lyrics are incoherent bordering on nonsense”, that “the beat is painfully boring” and that the vocal takes on “Azealia Banks are irritating.”

Whether reality, fake, joke, AI, or a little bit of everything (the Witchfork website even parodies the purchase of Pitchfork by Conde Nast), Azealia Banks has not taken it well at all. Her response was not done by AI, but with the rapper's usual bile.

First of all he asked who the hell AJ Cook (sic) is. When they told her that he is Charli XCX's producer and her relationship with PC Music, Banks attacked everyone.

Among what he has said, statements such as “no one in adult electronic music is interested in any of this or these artists stand out. I swear to you. “PC Music was the product of the dissociations of many people on ketamine.” Or “Poor Charli, she's been making 2000s songs to please gay people and yet they call her boring.”

When someone tried to say that it was all some kind of joke, Azealia Banks didn't back down: “No, I have another screenshot of him talking about my sales and the lack of interest from major labels. Charlix XCX is performing terribly in comparison and with the support of a multinational. Has OJ Cook (sic) ever made a hit for anyone?”

He also added when he was told that he was dealing with an AI bot: “I don't care, honestly. “I don't know what this guy is like or anything, but I wish they would stop jumping on my car and engaging with me on this internet shit.” He also added: “Think about how crappy it is to have an AI Discord. Or Discord directly. You white boys are very strange.”

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