Australian Blonde celebra 30 años del "Pizza Pop" en el Monkey Weekend

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Australian Blonde celebrates 30 years of “Pizza Pop” at Monkey Weekend

He Alhambra Monkey Weekend of The Port of Santa Maria joins this thirtieth anniversary of the indie explosion in our country. That is why it closes its lineup this year with the presence of Australian Blonde who will interpret that mythical Pizza Pop.

They will also be June 14 to 16 Za! + Perrate, Marina Gallardo, Jose de los Camarones, Jordi Ganchitos, Cold Tits, No Panties, Mass, Dj Hydration and Jesus Psychobeat which are added to those already announced.

Australian Blonde celebrate in El Puerto de Santa María the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Pizza Popas well as that generational anthem that became their go-to song, Chup Chup.

Other phenomena also join the festival in this latest wave of artists. They are there Za! + Perratethe union of the Catalan duo and the singer from Utrera willing to explore the paths of flamenco and improvisation in a kind of organic rave in continuous mutation, as clearly demonstrated by their still recent joint album, the surprising Joliphant.

Another singer always willing to take risks like the Jerez native Jose de los Camaroneswill also be in this new Alhambra Monkey Weekend, hand in hand – like the previous ones – with that program titled FlaMonkey and carried out every year within the festival in collaboration with the SGAE Foundation. A showcase of less orthodox flamenco that has become a classic section at the Portuense event.

And the Alhambra Monkey Weekend always presents that trademark hodgepodge that makes it unique, highlighting artists like Jordi Ganchitos and his comic theatricality, along with Cold Tits with his punkitronic approach. Anna Banana and Skiper contribute their vision of future punk to the project No Pantieswhile Dj Hydrationfrom Seville, explores global rhythms in electronics. Marina Gallardo premieres songs in Spanish, and the duo Mass mixes post rock with metal. Jesus Psychobeat promises a breaks session, paying homage to the 90s club scene. Menesteo Garden Choral School offers an interactive choral closing, highlighting community participation in the festival.

Let us remember that all these concerts are added to those already confirmed previously: Pony Bravo, Viva Belgrado, Mohama Saz, Los Voluble, Cuerda Huida, Dalila, Durovino, Esperanto, GAF and La Estrella de la Muerte, Júlia Colom, Los Sara Fontan, Marcelo Pantani, María de la Flor, Mondongo Boy, Nine Unknowns, Pedro de Dios, May God Pay You, Restinga, San Remo, Shanghai Baby, Sick Buzos, Snackbar The Ambassador, Teo Lucadamo and Vatocholo. Plus the traditional Karaoke Los Jaguares as an extra ball.

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