Ariana Grande announces remix with Brandy and Monica

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Ariana Grande announces remix with Brandy and Monica

Ariana Grande is going to finish expressing to what extent her new song 'the boy is mine' is a tribute to Brandy and Monica's 90s song of the same name. She first announced it as the third official single from her latest album 'eternal sunshine', then she invited them to appear in a video clip, and now comes the announcement of the remix of 'the boy is mine' with the two involved.

It will be released on June 21, and this is how he has communicated it through his networks: «I can't believe that this is real, nor do I know if I will believe it even when it is already out. My sincerest and deepest gratitude to Brandy and Monica, not only for joining me at this time, but for the generosity, kindness, and the many ways in which you have inspired me.

He continues: “It's close to impossible to say how much this means to me. This is a celebration of the two of you and the impact you have had on every vocalist, every producer, musician and artist creating today. “I love you very much, thank you.”

We remind you that another remix of the first single from this same album, 'yes, and?' It even featured another of the superstars admired by Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey. Of course, the most successful of all has been the second single and without featuring. 'we can't be friends' is the only one of the three that today exceeds 500 million streams. In fact, there are more than 600.

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