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Arde Bogotá, Artist of the Year at the new “Spanish Grammys”

Yesterday the first edition of the Academy of Music Awards was held, established – as its name indicates – by the Spanish Academy of Music. Already baptized as the “Spanish Grammys”, these will be held annually from now on. Arde Bogotá have swept this first gala, winning six awards, including Best Artist, Best Album and Best Song.

Last March, the most nominated artists were announced, with Arde Bogotá again leading the list (9 nominations). They were followed by Silvia Pérez Cruz (6 nominations), Aitana and Quevedo (5 nominations each). Last night, Arde Bogotá won 6 of the 9 awards they were competing for: Best Artist, Best Album ('Cowboys de la A3'), Best Song ('Los Perros'), Best Rock Album, Best New Artist and Best Song by Rock (also 'Los Perros').

On the pop front, Ana Mena and her 'Bellodrama' won the award for Best Pop Album ahead of Aitana's 'alpha' or Lola Índigo's 'El Dragón'. The Catalan, on the other hand, won the award for Best Electronic Music Song for 'Los Ángeles'. Additionally, she shared the award with Quevedo ('Columbia') for Best Urban Song, thanks to her collaboration with Rels B, 'miamor'. The Best Pop Song did not go to any of these names, but to Mikel Izal with 'El Paraíso'.

La Plazuela was also one of the most awarded groups, with 4 trophies: Best Urban Fusion/Performance Song ('Péiname Juana'), Best Electronic Music Album ('RONEO FUNK CLUB REMIXED'), Best Alternative Music Album ('RONEO FUNK CLUB') and Best Alternative Song ('Péiname Juana').

Artist of the Year

Bogotá burns

María José Llergo
Silvia Perez Cruz

Album of the year

Boycott – Alizzz
Cowboys of the A3 -Arde Bogotá

Ultrabeauty – María José Llergo
The air is taking us away – Robe
Pilgrimage Manual – Rodrigo Cuevas
A lifetime, one day – Sílvia Pérez Cruz

song of the year

Madrid City – Ana Mena
The Dogs – Arde Bogotá

To return to? – Coke Mesh
I Hit It – Delaporte
The Fool – Lola Indigo, Quevedo
The root – Valeria Castro

Best new artist
Bogotá burns

Jimena Yellow
The Plazuela
Valeria Castro

Composer of the year

Bogotá burns
Coke Mesh
Ivan Ferreiro

María José Llergo
Nathy Peluso
Valeria Castro

Best recording engineering
Alizzz – Boycott

José Nortes – Even though we are dead
Luis Antelo and Sergi Bautista – Trench Pop
Daniel Alanis – Ultrabeauty
Roger Rodes – Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions

Producer of the Year (Album/Song)

Alba Reig – Al Baño María by María Pelae
Anxo Ferreira, Sen Senra – PO2054AZ by Sen Senra
Coque Malla, José Nortes – Even though we are dead from Coque Malla

Daniel Ruiz, Víctor Cabezuelo – September by Mikel Erentxun
Eduardo Cabra – Pilgrimage Manual by Rodrigo Cuevas
Ricky Falkner – Pop Trench by Iván Ferreiro
Ralphie Choo, Israel Fernández – Platero

Best pop album

Alpha – Aitana
Bellodrama – Ana Mena

Aldatu Aurretik – Bulego
The Dragon – Lola Indigo
Almost Perfect – Nena Daconte

Best Traditional Pop Album
Pyramid Disruption – Last in Line

Twelve – Jacobo Serra
The Window of my soul – Luz Casal
Victoria tour edition – Raphael
Smile because you are in the photo – Sergio Dalma

best pop song

Automobiles – Besmaya, Yarea
Clavaito – Chanel and Abraham Mateo
The Flashing City – Gonzalo Hermida
Saltpeter – Manuel Carrasco, Camilo
Paradise – Mikel Izal

Watch How They Dance – Pablo López

Best Fusion Song/Urban Performance

Cursed Generation – Delarue
Peíname Juana – La Plazuela

Paris – Ly Raine
Before – RVFV
Sin-Zeros – SFDK

Best urban music album

Casanova – Recycled J
DPQDP – Cano
Where I want to be – Quevedo

Storm – Soge Culebra
Unbreakable – SFDK

Best Rap/Hip Hop Song
Estrecho / Alvarado – C. Tangana

ANBU – Saske, Ergo Pro, III Pekeño, J. Moods
Wild – Nathy Peluso
Be careful – RVFV
Sin-Zeros – SFDK

Best urban song
miamor – Aitana & Rels B

Cursed Generation – Delarue

150 Songs – Recycled J & Selecta
I'm not going to call – Soge Culebra

Best electronic music album

Alpha – Aitana
From the ashes – Amatria

Hard – Natalia Lacunza
Reciprocity – Sparrow & Barbossa

Best electronic music song

Ready – Sila Lua
Los Angeles – Aitana

Tramp – Sparrow & Barbossa, Castle Boy
Chemistry – Mr. Pauer, Goyo
Aralarko Lady – Zetak

Best rock album

Aftermath – Angelus Apatrida
Cowboys of A3 – Arde Bogotá

The air is taking us away – Robe
Vol. 2 – Tarque
Love Of Any Kind – Viva Sweden

best rock song
The Dogs – Arde Bogotá

I'll take the evil – Johnny Garso
The Power of Art – Robe
Confetti – Rulo and Contrabanda
I have returned to see you burn – Tarque

Best pop/rock album

The Evening of the Wolf – Ciudad Jara
Pop Trench – Iván Ferreiro

Blockbuster – La La Love You
Let the sky fall – Marlon
5 – Rulo and Contraband

Best pop/rock song

Salvation – Bogotá Burns
You just have to let us know – Dani Fernández
In the trenches of Pop culture – Iván Ferreiro

The Beginning of Something – La La Love You
Brilliant – Repion

Best Alternative Music Album

Casa Linda – Cala Vento

10 Years of Flowers, Wind and Fuego – Bite
PO2054AZ (Vol.I) – Sen Senra
Thirst – Bizarre Love Triangle

Best alternative song

Fever – Amaia
Iker no longer owes me a coffee – Gilipojazz
Péiname Juana – La Plazuela

Lone Star – Bizarre Love Triangle
Fort Da – Xoel López

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