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Antelope Audio is a cutting-edge audio technology company, with products such as the atomic audio clock and audio modeling. plugins of classic analog FPGA equipment.

Those who rely on Antelope’s signature sound include many world-famous Grammy Award-winning sound engineers and artists. Based in Santa Monica California, the company was founded in 2004.

The company is headed by Igor Levin, who began designing digital audio equipment in 1990 under the brand Aardvark. Audio interfaces and modeling microphones for both professional recording installations and project studios, as well as AD/DA converters, master clocks and specialized analog processors, can be found in the company’s product portfolio. Antelope Audio allows you to harness the power of digital audio without sacrificing the warmth and fullness associated with analog equipment.

Master Clock

Antelope Oven

In 2005, Antelope Audio introduced the furnace-controlled crystal oscillator to provide a more stable time base for clock systems. By providing an enclosure with a constant temperature, the crystal remains at a constant rate of vibration, improving stability and fluctuation performance. With this design at the forefront, Antelope Audio introduced its first audio master clock powered by jitter oven controlled, the Isochrone OCX. The OCX (Oven Controlled Oscillator), created a new standard in audio clock technology fully capable of synchronizing with an atomic clock. The first line of Isochrone products set Antelope Audio on the path to unveiling successive generations of reliable master clocks and other digital audio lines.

Audio Interfaces

Currently, Antelope Audio offers a powerful collection of audio interfaces, many of which use FPGA and DSP chips to handle the bulk of the effects processing to alleviate CPU load. Low latency and low CPU consumption are just part of the appeal. The brand’s Synergy Core technology enables an impressive array of multiple FX instances at any sample rate.

Synergy Core

Synergy Core

Discreet 4 and Discreet 8 They are smaller examples, but surprisingly capable. The Discrete 4 can handle up to 32 real-time effects instances, and the Discrete 8 can handle up to 64. For even more effects processing power, check out the Orion Studio Synergy Core capable of hosting up to 256 effect instances.

These are great Thunderbolt/USB audio interfaces that can also make the most of software AFX2DAW by Antelope Audio. The program creates a bridge between any DAW and the chips installed in Antelope Audio hardware. Within the VST plugin, which mimics a realistic rack-based signal flow, users can easily apply FPGA FX to control hardware along with other third-party plugins, DAW-based effects and automation features. Seamless, low-latency processing capabilities alleviate technical routing headaches while reducing CPU load.


The company also specializes in designing unique modeling microphones. Engineers looking for microphones that are a step ahead should consider the series edge. Each microphone is tailored to a specific microphone style or technique. For example, him Edge Solo is a large diaphragm condenser that recreates the legendary cardioid pattern single capsule microphones. Other microphones in this family have more sophisticated features.

Microphone Modeling

He Edge Quadro is a stereo microphone with two dual-membrane capsules, a rotating top segment, four processing channels, and selectable polar patterns for each microphone segment. These modeling microphones can be used in conjunction with AFX2DAW to take full advantage of the Synergy Core chips installed in the hardware.


Antelope Audio Amari

Antelope Audio creates professional-grade experiences for mastering engineers and home studio enthusiasts requiring high-definition conversion of a stereo image. Amari and Pure 2 are the two current mastering conversion products manufactured by Antelope Audio. Both feature industry-leading analog circuitry and fourth-generation 64-bit AFC technology. Its transparent precision is perfect for audio file or situations where high-end AD/DA conversion is crucial to a project.

Watches Master

Another highlight of Antelope Audio’s crown line is its respected line of master clocks, all of which are based on high-precision furnace-controlled crystal oscillators. He Trinity It is a master clock so extremely accurate that many in the industry believe it is the best-sounding high-definition audio clock available. Its ability to handle a sample rate of up to 384 kHz comes with distinct sonic advantages that make it a must-have for studios that need a good master clock.


Other watches, like your OCX HD, continue the legacy of the original Isochrone OCX, raising the bar and providing even more precise timing at higher sample rates. Finally, the 10MX currently stands as the newest member of the family Isochronewith a fusion of atomic clock precision and excellent data management jitter.

Antelope Audio remains a dominant force in the world of watches, audio interfaces, modeling microphones and more. Its wide range of powerful, cutting-edge hardware can complement any setup homemade or serve as an integral part of larger professional studios.

Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core

Antelope Audio Discrete 4

Discrete 4 Synergy Core includes a compelling library of 36 real-time studio effects, meticulously modeled after real hardware. Latency is extremely low thanks to the FPGA’s parallel computing capabilities, DSP processing, and fast Thunderbolt connectivity. The library can be expanded to include any effects you choose from the web store.

Analog: 4 inputs / 6 outputs. ADAT: 8 inputs / 8 outputs. Maximum sampling rate/resolution 192 kHz/24 bits. Number of microphone preamps 4. Input level adjustment 1 x knob. Analog Audio I/O: 2 x Combo XLR-1/4” 3-Pin Mic/Line Input, 2 x Combo /4 “TRS Monitor Output, 4 x 1/4 “TRS Line Output, 4 x 1/4” TRS Headphone Output. Digital Audio I/O: 1 x TOSLINK optical ADAT input, 1 x TOSLINK optical ADAT output, 1 x RCA S/PDIF coaxial input, 1 x RCA S/PDIF coaxial output. Host/USB Connection: 1 x USB Type B (USB 2.0) and 1 x Thunderbolt/MDP. Synchronize I/O: 2 BNC Word Clock outputs. Maximum output level Monitor outputs: +20 dBu, Line outputs: +20 dBu. BNC Word Clock Impedance: 75 ohms. Dynamic range Microphone inputs: 121 dBA, AD/DA converters: 121 dB, Line outputs: 118 dB. THD+N Microphone Inputs: -106 dB, AD/DA Converters: -112 dB, Line Outputs: -100 dB. EIN -128 dBu A-weighted.

Antelope Zen Tour Synergy Core

Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core

Zen Tour Synergy Core is a desktop interface designed to bring studio-quality sound to your productions on the home studio or on the go. Use it to record vocals and instruments or amplify clean recorded guitars through amplifiers for a more realistic tone. Features USB 2.0 or Thunderbolt 3 interface, 4 ultralinear transparent microphones, 4 instrument inputs and 2 re-amp outputs. Processing 4 DSP and 2 x FPGA Synergy Core FX. Acoustically focused 64-bit jitter and timing management algorithms. Mastering-grade stereo monitor outputs. 2 individual stereo headphone outputs. 2 transformer-based reamp outputs. ADAT and SPDIF digital I/O. 8 line outputs on DB25 connector (DC coupled). Integrated talkback microphone.

Antelope Audio Edge Solo

Edge Solo

He Antelope Audio Edge Solo It is a large diaphragm cardioid modeling microphone and as such models the characteristic of classic cardioid microphones. The microphone itself has a 1.3″ gold membrane and captures frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. It does this transparently thanks to its low-resonance construction. It features cutting-edge modeling technology from Antelope, allowing users to emulate 18 of the world’s most iconic vintage microphones with astonishing precision.

Specifications: Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Cardioid Impedance: 50 ohms at 1 kHz. Cardioid Sensitivity: -35 dB. Cardioid signal-to-noise ratio: 75 dB A-weighted. Output connectors (analog) 1 x 3-pin XLR.

Antelope Audio Edge Duo

Edge Duo

This high-quality, dual-capsule, large-diaphragm condenser microphone captures vocals and instruments with impeccable clarity, depth and detail, making it the perfect starting point for emulating a plethora of timeless studio microphones. Edge Duo You can tap into an extensive and ever-expanding collection of classic microphone emulations, with 18 legendary microphone models now available.

Specifications: Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Cardioid Impedance: 50 ohms at 1 kHz. Figure 8: 50 ohms at 1 kHz. Omnidirectional: 50 ohms at 1 kHz. Cardioid Sensitivity: -35 dB. Figure-8: -35 dB. Omnidirectional: -35 dB. Signal-to-noise ratio Cardioid: 75 dB A-weighted. Figure 8: 75 dB A-weighted. Omnidirectional: 75 dB A-weighted. Output connectors (analog) 1 x 5-pin XLR. Cable length 16.4 ft / 5.00 m.

Antelope Audio Amári

Antelope Audio Amari

AMÁRI Antelope is a reference grade AD/DA converter. The unit provides everything you would expect from Antelope, such as high-quality conversion and Antelope’s renowned clock technology. With balanced and unbalanced connections, the unit works equally well in professional audio and audiophile environments.

Specifications: AD/DA Converter Type, Number of Channels 2. Converter Circuit A/D Chipset: 2 x AK5778, D/A Chipset: 8 x CS43198. Connectivity: Analog Audio I/O 2 x Combo XLR-1/4″ TRS Input, 1 x Unbalanced Coaxial RCA Stereo Input, 2 x Combo XLR-1/4″ TRS Headphone Output, Digital Audio I/O 1 x 3-Pin AES3 Output, 1 x RCA Coaxial S/PDIF Output, 1 x Optical S/PDIF TOSLINK Output, 1 x USB Type B/Host Connection (USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1), 1 x Sync I/O BNC Word Clock input, 1 x BNC Atomic Clock input

As you will see, Antelope Audio’s product range does not skimp on quality. You can take a look at the rest of the products on our website.

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