ANSAA ensures good practices in the audiology sector

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ANSAA ensures good practices in the audiology sector

UMusic is one of the companies promoting the National Association of the Audiology and Audioprosthetics Sector (ANSAA)whose main objective is to ensure the compliance with the code of ethics and good practices in this professional field. The new entity wants this way ensure the best customer service.

Oticon, Cottet, Audiphone and Amplifon are the other four companies that, together with UMusic, have promoted the creation of ANSAA. With the constitution of this non-profit entity, the five companies commit to guarantee and promote conduct in the market that complies with current legislation, ethics and transparency. In fact, companies in the audiology and hearing aids sector establish in their own code of ethics the principles of action that must govern its activity, committing to respect them and enforce them in its actions in the market.

Regarding good practices in this sector, these are mainly collected in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2015 of July 24which approves the consolidated text of the Law on guarantees and rational use of medicines and health products. In article 4.6 of this decree it is stipulated that “The direct or indirect offer of any type of incentive, bonuses, discounts, bonuses or gifts is prohibited by anyone who has direct or indirect interests in the production, manufacturing and marketing of medicines to health professionals involved in the prescription cycle. , dispensing and administration of medications or to their relatives and cohabitants. This prohibition will also apply when the offer is made to health professionals who prescribe health products.”

Continuing training in audiology

Apart from ensuring compliance with the sector’s code of ethics, ANSAA is also firmly committed to enhance agreements and synergies that allow the updating and continuous training of health professionals. Along these lines, the entity also undertakes to disseminate knowledge of the latest technological advances developed in the field of hearing solutions.

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