Ana Mena will give 12 o'clock with Jenni Hermoso and Ramón García

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Ana Mena will give 12 o’clock with Jenni Hermoso and Ramón García

RTVE goes all out for this year’s bells. Ramón García returns to La 1 to welcome 2024 from Puerta del Sol. But he will not do it alone: ​​on this occasion, he will be accompanied by the singer Ana Mena and the soccer player Jenni Hermoso, two great protagonists of this 2023 in Spain .

After making waves with Ibai Llanos on Twitch for two years, Ramonchu returns to television for the most important New Year’s Eve event. The truth is that it has been a great year for the presenter on RTVE, where he has triumphed thanks to the return of Grand Prix and will put the icing on the cake to this success with the chimes. Ramón García has already spent 15 nights directing this program on RTVE.

On the other hand, these will be the first bells for Ana Mena. The artist, who has had one of the biggest hits of 2023 with ‘Las 12’, will be able to eat the 12 grapes in front of all the Spaniards. “No one like you knows me, I don’t know who I’ll call when 12 o’clock arrives,” Ana Mena sings in this song. It is clear where she will be at 12 next New Year’s Eve (in Madrid City), but who she will call is still unknown.

In addition, the triumph of the Spanish Soccer Team in the World Cup will also be represented in Puerta del Sol. Jennifer Hermoso, who denounced the alleged non-consensual kiss of Rubiales after the final, has become an example for highlighting the importance of women’s football in our country and feminist values. She will also be with Ramón García and Ana Mena to toast the new year.

In this way, Ramón García, Ana Mena and Jenni Hermoso make up the team that RTVE is betting on for its bells program. They will be in charge of replacing Ana Obregón and Los Morancos, who presented them last year.

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