Allergies can lead to otitis!

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Allergies can lead to otitis!

After a few first days with unstable weather, the spring It has already been fully installed. More hours of sun, floors greening and flowers in full effervescence. A combination that is also synonymous with pollen and, therefore, of the annoying allergies. The usual symptoms (cough, Irritated eyes, mucus and respiratory problems) can also lead to hearing problems.

Pollen is the main cause of allergic rhinitis best known: the call seasonal allergy. According to data from the World Allergy Organization (WAO), more than 50% of those affected by rhinitis will live with it for about ten years; 22% will have to endure it all their lives and another 28% will have to live with it for between 10 and 20 years. In all cases, the symptoms are the same, with greater or lesser intensity: itchy nosemouth, eyes or throat, rhinorrhea, sneezing and crying eyes.

The connection of the nose with the ear through the Eustachian tube can also cause referrals of these symptoms to the auditory system. For example, if inflammation and mucus are generated in the respiratory tract, the ear can also end up paying the consequences in the form of otitis.

The doctor Juan Royocommunity ENT specialist Living the Soundemphasizes that “The sensation of blockage in the ears, including noise and decreased hearing, is associated with the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It’s the call ototubaritis, or secretory otitis media when there is mucus in the middle ear. When this happens, it is advisable to go to the specialist to check the condition of the ears, in case it is necessary to add some more specific treatment than anti-allergy to solve the ear problem.”.


How to prevent allergies

As always, prevention is the best recipe. In the case of allergies, vaccines can be a good ally. Also key in this sense is how quickly you go to the doctor so that, once the symptoms appear, you can try to get them under control. The doctor Royo recognizes that this allergy control, “It will prevent the appearance of inflammation and infections in the ear, which can cause discomfort such as dizziness, loss of balance, sensation of pressure or blockage, and even hearing loss”.

Also in some patients with atopic dermatitis or with seasonal rhinoconjunctivitis Episodes of itching in the external auditory canal and eczema (dryness) have been reported.

Sneezing and hearing

Also they sneezinga common symptom of spring allergies, can be a risk factor for our ear. And if we repress or retain them we can produce a increased pressure in the nose and throat that can pass to the earsalso causing bacteria to pass inside and cause an infection.

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