Ale Acosta inicia hoy los directos de “El Porvenir”

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Ale Acosta starts the live performances of “El Porvenir” today

The canarian artist Ale Acosta kicks off the summer festival season with his first solo album titled “Future”. He will present his new show in the Canary Islands and will tour the entire national territory in the coming months.

In case there was any doubt, the release of the single “Famara” (feat. Depedro), focus track “Future”first album by the Canarian producer and artist Ale Acosta, confirmed the obvious. The solo debut of the founder and member of the iconic duo Fuel Fandango Let's dance it to the point of satiety this summer.

After the presentation of the album in Madrid and after putting the final touch on the Museum Day party, it is clear that if we have something guaranteed in the future, it is dancing and enjoyment.

This is an album dedicated to his land, Lanzarote. The title has many readings: on the one hand, the future and this new stage that is opening for Ale at the head of a new solo project. On the other hand, El Porvenir is the name of the cultural and leisure center of the town that was the social and cultural epicenter of the island for a time. She believes that her interest in music is closely linked to this place.

The video clips of the album and all the arts bear the stamp of Lanzarote, although it shows us a different island and not the one on tourist postcards. It teaches us the customs and the memories that the artist has of his land. Musically, Ale brings out the more electronic club side of him, which he had already developed with his DJ sets throughout his life. But it is the first time that he puts it into songs and on an album.

Some friends have accompanied him in this process, including Valeria Castro, Juancho Marqués, Depedro and Cantamarta. They are songs composed organically. The musician has sampled a multitude of percussion instruments, basses, Spanish guitars, voices… To which he has given a different treatment until making them unrecognizable and achieving that trademark seal of the house.

He will present his new show in his homeland, at the festival Liquid Sounds (Lanzarote, June 8) and Sonora (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, June 22), and will tour the entire national territory in the coming months. You can check the entire tour and links to tickets through this link.

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