Albert Pla, Rosalía, Tangana y Bizarrap... juntos y revueltos

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Albert Pla, Rosalía, Tangana and Bizarrap… together and mixed up

It couldn't be anyone else Albert Pla. After participating in the Stella Maris concert at Primavera Sound, Albert Pla presents us with “AI AI AI”, a song and video clip in which he meets with Rosalia, C. Tangana and Bizarre… Or something similar.

The greatest visionaries of Artificial Intelligence do not stop selling us that one day the songs made by AI will be perfect, that people will not care that there is no real artist behind them, that is, clichés that forget the most important thing, of the human connection of the fans and artists behind the songs that get into our heads and hearts.

Without him having made any statements in this regard and without us knowing his true intentions, Albert Pla –it couldn't be anyone else– he just published a new song by surprise? that meets all the postulates of the “future of pop music” today. But, of course, the ironic and satirical spirit of both the lyrics of the song and the video, etc., is evident. Given the overwhelming amount of news about the benefits that Artificial Intelligence will bring to pop music, there is nothing better than getting as excited as possible. It is not about denying the future, but about questioning it and putting things in their place.

A song of less than two minutes (as the current “canons” indicate), with featurings very luxurious – none other than Rosalía, C. Tangana and Bizarrap, three of the biggest names in urban pop of the moment – ​​together and mixed together by the work and grace of Artificial Intelligence. The result is grotesque, as Pla undoubtedly seeks, confronting us with a theme that we sense created by Artificial Intelligence from beginning to end and with a video clip that is a kind of deepfake low budget.

What is evident is that, with this release, absurd and fun at the same time, Pla joins the debate on one of the issues surrounding current pop music. In any case, we will wait for the next song with which Albert Pla will delight us in the future and that it has been written by him, created together with humans, for the enjoyment of humans and that it makes us think as much, as the songs of the Catalan singer-songwriter have done throughout his career. Although you only have to read the comments on his social networks to realize that not everyone understands it that way. Worse for them.

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