Aitana returns to Iceland with Sebastián Yatra in 'Akureyri'

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Aitana returns to Iceland with Sebastián Yatra in 'Akureyri'

“Seven months without releasing music,” Aitana recently declared on her networks. That is effectively how long it has been since Aitana released her latest album, the danceable and hedonistic 'Alpha', last August. An eternity in today's times.

Aitana will continue presenting 'Alpha' at festivals this summer. It is confirmed, for example, on Mallorca Live. However, the Catalan is already working on new music, taking advantage of the fact that the film in which she stars, 'Wall with Wall', has just been released on Netflix.

But a few days ago, Aitana shared a date, April 26, and a coordinate that, entered into the Google Maps search engine, led to a remote place in Iceland. The singer visited Iceland last year to celebrate her birthday, and she visited the island again last March. The result of the tracks is 'Akureyri', where she says goodbye to her relationship with Sebastián Yatra accompanied by… Sebastián Yatra.

“In the end it wasn't anyone's fault / It's never anyone's fault / But I'll miss you,” Aitana and Yatra sing in a song in which they open up about the romance they had together a few months ago. Although they have never wanted to address the issue publicly, it seems that they have wanted to do so through music, which possibly brought them together.

This is not a McEnroe version, but it will not be the first time that Aitana dedicates a song to a country or city she has visited: she already sang about 'Berlin' a few years ago. On the other hand, the video clip keeps a reference to the film 'Forget about me', where the artists appear lying on a sheet of ice. The film also recently served as inspiration for Ariana Grande's album 'Eternal Sunshine'.

After having opted for the dance route of 'Alpha' in her previous project, the image that Aitana shared of her crying while remembering that she hasn't released music for a long time, suggested that she could return to the ballad. This has happened, but it remains to be seen if 'Akureyri' is an exception or a premise of what is to come.

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