Accessories for osseointegrated implants

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Accessories for osseointegrated implants

If a few weeks ago we dedicated a post to the accessories for cochlear implant userstoday we highlight the main accessories for those people who use osseointegrated implant. In Spain, more than three thousand people have achieved a notable improvement in their hearing ability due to this solution, thanks to whichSound is transmitted through bone conduction without having to force the ear canal.

Specialists usually recommend the osseointegrated implant when problems occur in the external ear or half that prevent sound from reaching the interior. In these cases, the earphones traditional ones must use so much amplification that the sound is distorted. There is three types of hearing loss in which this type of implant may be the most appropriateeither: sensorineural hearing loss in one ear, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss due to infections and malformations.

Users of these implants have the possibility of use different accessories that facilitate communication in situations that, currently and due to the pandemic, are very recurrent, such as video calls, meetings either distance classes.

Microphone – Point 3

This bone anchored implant accessory allows you to hear conversations directly into the processor. He microphone for Ponto 3 It allows you to focus on the person who is speaking to us and has a range of 15 meters.

Medical Streamer – Ponto 3

This other accessory for osseointegrated implants facilitates wireless communication and remote control of different devices. Thus, Medical Streamer for Ponto 3 allows you to control the systems magnetic loops either fm systemsfor example, in addition to facilitating direct access to calls or music from the smartphone.

ConnectClip – Ponto 4

This accessory for bone-anchored implant users connects with mobile phones and other audio devices that do not allow direct wireless connectivity. In this way, the processor works like headphones that reproduce the conversations that the microphones capture. ConnectClip. This accessory can also function as a remote microphone for distances of up to 20 meters.

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