73% of people with hearing problems use apps

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73% of people with hearing problems use apps

The digital revolution It has meant a new way of communicating, viable at any time and from anywhere. In addition, it is facilitating in some cases the accessibility to services and content of people with Hearing problems. In fact, according to Technology and Accessibility reportprepared by the Adecco Foundation and Keysight Technologies Spain73 percent of those affected by hearing loss use apps periodically to be able to communicate on equal terms.

The aforementioned study on Technology and Accessibility bases its conclusions on a survey carried out on 300 people with different sensory problems. Those who use the most apps daily are those affected by visual problems (77%), followed by those with hearing loss (73%), physical injuries (65%) and intellectual injuries (50%). And 84% of all of them recognize that their quality of life has improved thanks to these new technologies.

In the case of people with hearing problems, one of the most used apps is Petralex, which operates with an artificial hearing device that works on the same principles as regular portable devices, adapting the level of ambient sound to the user’s needs. It also has many users Pediusan app that allows people with severe hearing loss to call landlines and mobile numbers through synthesis technologies and vocal recognition.

In a previous post we already highlighted some of the most useful types of apps for people with hearing problems:

Contact the emergency service
There are already several applications that make it easier for people with severe hearing problems to communicate with the emergency service. In this sense, one of the pioneers who has received the most recognition is 112 accessible, which makes it easier for those affected to communicate an incident by selecting the type of emergency using icons – ambulance, fire brigade or police -, geolocating the call and also offering sign language translation of various situations. It is available for Android. Another similar app, in this case valid for the community of Madrid and operational for iOS and Android, is My112.

Receive notifications about noises in the home
Another app highlighted for its usefulness is MyEarDroid, also available for Android, which makes it easier for people with hearing problems to be aware of whether a tap is turned off incorrectly, the doorbell or telephone rings or, more importantly, a fire alarm goes off. The application, once downloaded, notifies the interested party using their own smartphone.

Mobile notifications via vibration
People with hearing problems have problems keeping up with the notifications they receive through their mobile phone. To facilitate this, Visualfy It helps to configure a color or vibration pattern for each notification that arrives on the terminal, from receiving a message on WhatsApp to being informed that the battery is running out. This app is available for Android.

Monitor Menière’s disease
The Ménière’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that can cause tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, pressure and a feeling of fullness in the ears. And the cause behind it is still unknown. Therefore, the app Ménière’s Monitor It is of great help, as it allows you to monitor your symptoms daily, which provides experts with useful information about the disease. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

Check your hearing
A quick, direct hearing test that you can take whenever you want. And wherever you want. In fact, you can carry it on your mobile phone, as it is integrated into the new app UMusicfree and available for both iOS as for Android. In the event that the test shows or detects a possible hearing problem, the application itself allows you to establish a call with a UMusic center to make an appointment.

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