Yung Beef opens up about addiction in his most lucid interview

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Yung Beef opens up about addiction in his most lucid interview

On the occasion of the Infierno Festival, on June 28 and 29 in Salobreña (Granada), Yung Beef has given a sincere and revealing interview to El País about his relationship with drugs. This meeting takes place in the detoxification centre in Málaga where Fernando Gálvez has been admitted for just over two months.

When asked about the reason that made him stop his lifestyle and enter the center, Gálvez admits that his life “was upside down in many ways” and that he neglected some aspects of it in favor of substances, citing his children. , friends and loved ones. He also says that he tried to quit drugs in Japan, without success, but he learned a valuable lesson: “It is not simply about stopping using, but addressing the problems that make you use with professionals.”

The trap pioneer says that in one of the therapies, already in the Malaga center, he ended up “connecting with my inner child” and relates this problem to his childhood: “It is something that is deeply rooted in my life because in the end I grew up surrounded by drugs, with my whole environment like that, but if you want to reach an adequate rhythm of responsibilities you have to be well in body and mind.

Throughout the short interview, Yung Beef leaves great reflections. “Sometimes you think you need drugs to endure, but in the end what they do is destroy you,” for example. He also leaves quotes in the purest Yung Beef style, such as the one in which he corrects the journalist when asked about the impact of this vital change on his music: “Trap is really not consuming cocaine, but selling cocaine.”

On a musical level, Gálvez has not stopped working at any time, and lists all the projects he has pending to launch. Among these, ‘El Plugg 3’, an album with Cookin Soul, ‘Perreo de la Muerte 3’, ‘Traumatismo Encéfálico 3’ and ‘ADROMICFMS 5’.

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